WATCH: Chris Harrison Reveals How He Feels About No Longer Hosting ‘The Bachelor’

Chris Harrison

Getty Images Chris Harrison.

Chris Harrison has shared his feelings on life post-“Bachelor” when TMZ caught up with him and his girlfriend, Lauren Zima.

This is the first time that Harrison has spoken out about the show since his departure was announced back in June. Harrison had been the host of the “Bachelor” franchise for nearly two decades.

According to Variety, Harrison’s exit deal with ABC was worth $9 million. “Part of the agreement Harrison signed included the public statement of an amicable parting-of-ways, which is typical in most high-profile Hollywood departures,” Variety reported. There had also been talk of a non-disclosure agreement of sorts, that would forbid Harrison from speaking negatively about his time on the show.

“We’re doing great. Absolutely… I wish everybody the best. I will say it’s been kind of nice to have, after 19 years, have my Mondays back, including last night,” Harrison said on July 27, 2021. He had been out celebrating his 50th birthday at the time. “I actually got to celebrate my birthday, thanks to this beautiful woman,” he added, gesturing toward Zima.

You can watch the full video below.

Harrison Said He Has Been Keeping Up With ‘The Bachelorette’ — but Didn’t Admit to Watching it

Despite no longer hosting the show, Harrison admitted that he has kept up with the current season of the show. “I’ve been keeping up, you know, from afar,” Harrison said, giving the camera a coy smile. “I’m sure they’re doing great, and I wish everybody the best,” he said, keeping things positive.

When the camera man sounded like he was going to say something more about the show, Harrison cut him off before hoping into his car.

Harrison’s comments come on the heels of him telling Bachelor Nation that he missed them.

“You think [Chris Harrison] misses us as much as we miss him?” one fan of the show asked. Harrison responded, “I truly do!”

“I miss [Chris Harrison]. The shows just aren’t the same,” another fan tweeted. Harrison responded, “Miss you all, too.”

Harrison Weighed in on Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell’s Reconciliation

In his brief exchange with TMZ, Harrison was asked how he felt about Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell getting back together after a controversy rocked their relationship on the last season of “The Bachelor.”

“You know what, I’m happy for them and I wish them all the best. I hope they’re in love and I hope they do great,” Harrison said.

Many fans have been quick to point out that Harrison lost his job because of the comments he made in defense of Kirkconnell after photos of her at an Old South ball surfaced after she had filmed the show. Although she and James broke up for a period of time because of it, the two ended up getting back together — some believe that they never actually split.

Regardless, the past is in the past, and Harrison seems to be enjoying his life post-show. He got a great payout, and his career is likely far from over.

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