Former ‘Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley Receives Hurtful Messages About Her Sick Mom

Clare Crawley.

Getty Images Clare Crawley received dozens of hurtful messages on social media.

Former “Bachelorette” star Clare Crawley has been fielding cruel messages from people and shared a couple of the ones that she has received.

The former reality star, who is recently engaged, shared a few of the messages that she has received on her Instagram Stories. She explained that she gets these kinds of messages “on the daily” from people she doesn’t even know.

At one point, someone even shared what appeared to be Crawley’s phone number and encouraged others to “text her and post what she responds,” which Crawley also shared on social media.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Few People Took Aim at Crawley by Saying Nasty Things About Her Mom

On November 28, 2022, Crawley took to her Instagram Stories to share a screenshot of direct messages that she received “over a period of” a half hour. Several people in her DMs called her “crazy,” and a “psychopath.”

Crawley then shared a couple of lengthier messages that she had received, both of which made mention of Crawley’s mother, who has been battling Alzheimer’s disease and dementia for several years.

“Straight super thirsty. You are a disgusting human. A classless and selfish woman who thinks way to [sic] highly of themselves. Your poor mother,” read one message that Crawley shared on her Instagram Stories.

“We know where you live b****. You are the trashiest human and do not deserve to breathe on this earth. No wonder your mom has dementia. I would want to frget [sic] you too, you desperate pathetic trash. We will find you when you least expect it. C***,” read another.

Crawley Explained Her Presence on Social Media After Posting the Hurtful Messages She Received

Crawley added a sort of PSA to her Instagram Stories, letting people know that she’s “human.”

“So if you get annoyed to the point of commenting that I use filters then you aren’t my kind of people. My people are accepting and loving and not Negative Nancy’s that shred people to pieces without even knowing them,” Crawley wrote.

“Please. We are all doing the best we can. I am human just like you. And I live in the arena where two things can coexist…. I can struggle with insecurities. And I can also be a strong confident woman that enjoys connecting with the amazing people on here,” she added.

After sharing the messages and her response, Crawley shared another post on Instagram and, in the caption, she thanked people who reaching out with kind words.

“Wanted to take a second and thank everyone who flooded my inbox with love. I have always pride myself on not letting the negative comments affect me, but I’m only human. I wanted to share because I truly don’t think people who write such nasty comments have any idea that their hate compounds with all the others. And keep in mind, I’m a strong woman, and this still gets to me sometimes. Just think twice if you feel like sending hate to somebody, because you never truly know what’s going on in their life,” she wrote.

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