Former ‘Bachelor’ Villain Welcomes New Baby, Shares Name & Photos

Courtney Robertson Baby Gabriel

Heavy Courtney Robertson welcomed her third child, Gabriel.

A former “villain” from “The Bachelor” is now a mother to three. Courtney Robertson just welcomed her third child and shared details and photos after his arrival.

Here’s what you need to know:

Courtney Robertson & Humberto Preciado Welcomed Baby Gabriel on April 28

On May 2, Robertson shared the news in an Instagram post. Her caption began, “Party of five ready to rock n roll!”

“The Bachelor” star continued, “Introducing Gabriel Ricardo Preciado. Born April 28th, weighing in at 7.2 lbs., 19.5 inches long and as sweet as they come.”

The first photo in Robertson’s post showed her holding Gabriel while sitting on the floor in front of her couch.

Her husband, Humberto Preciado, sat on the couch behind her. The couple’s son Joaquin, 3, smiled as one hand rested on his mom’s shoulder. Their daughter Paloma, 2, sat on the other side of Robertson and looked at her mom.

Robertson added, “Everyone is happy, healthy and adjusting nicely.”

The second photo Robertson included in her post showed her holding Gabriel close to her face. He slept as she smiled and gazed down at him.

‘The Bachelor’ Star Gave Birth to Gabriel Slightly Early

Several fellow Bachelor Nation show veterans were thrilled to see Robertson’s news of Gabriel’s arrival.

Tenley Molzahn, who is expecting her second child in a matter of weeks, commented, “Awww!! Congratulations Courtney!!! So precious!!!!”

Former “The Bachelor” contestants Olivia Caridi and Annaliese Puccini gushed over Gabriel too.

Robertson also released a new episode of her podcast “After Reality” on March 2 to share more about Gabriel’s arrival. “The Bachelor” star recorded the first part of the podcast while at the hospital with her husband and new baby.

“He’s so cute,” she gushed. She also shared that Gabriel has a dimple and a nurse said he was “kissed by an angel.”

“The Bachelor” alum noted that with both Joaquin and Paloma, she couldn’t have any visitors at the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions. With Gabriel, however, they could have visitors. Robertson’s dad and sister both stopped by to visit.

The podcast picked up again once Robertson and Preciado were home with Gabriel, about 36 hours after his birth. Preciado said Paloma and Joaquin were very excited to have mom and baby home. In addition, both kids were eager to get an opportunity to hold their baby brother.

Robertson noted that she had been scheduled for an induction on May 7. However, at her last doctor’s appointment before Gabriel’s arrival, the doctor wanted her to return the following day just to “double-check” things.

She did as directed as her husband took Joaquin and Paloma to a T-ball game, and everything checked out fine for Robertson. As she was about to leave, she had a big contraction and the baby’s heart rate dropped.

The hospital decided to admit Robertson and induce labor, and her husband joined her a short time later. The process moved along slowly and Gabriel’s heart rate kept dropping regularly.

While Robertson was stressed and “crabby,” she praised her husband for staying calm and supporting her.

“The Bachelor” fans flooded the comments section of Robertson’s Instagram post with notes of congratulations. Many swooned over how adorable Gabriel looked, and quite a few noted they loved his name, too.