What Is Former ‘Bachelor’ Winner Courtney Robertson Doing Now?

Courtney Robertson

Getty Courtney Robertson attends a media event.

During episode 2 of Zach Shallcross’ season of “The Bachelor,” viewers will see some former contestants pop up during a date. Spoilers for the January 30 episode reveal Tahzjuan Hawkins, Victoria Fuller, and Courtney Robertson will host a group date, and “Bachelor Nation” fans haven’t seen Robertson or Hawkins in a while. Robertson was an especially controversial “villain” when she appeared on Ben Flajnik’s season, and many will likely be interested to know what she’s doing these days.

Here’s what you need to know:

Courtney Robertson Found Love Post-‘Bachelor’

Robertson appeared as a contestant on Flajnik’s season back in 2012, and she had a knack for causing chaos. She made it clear she was not there to make friends with the other ladies, and she went to great lengths to charm Flajnik. As Fox News detailed, she pulled Flajnik’s attention away from other ladies by going topless during a group date, stripping down to a teeny bikini as another contestant spent time with him, surprised him with a nightcap after he was on another date, and talked him into a skinny-dipping excursion. She embraced her villain status and at the end of the season, accepted Flajnik’s final rose and proposal.

Flajnik and Robertson made their relationship last in the real world for a while, but ultimately, “The Bachelor” couple split. Flajnik has remained unmarried all these years, but Robertson fell in love with an attorney named Humberto Preciado in 2019 after the two connected via social media. As she shared with People, “When I met Humberto, it was a no-brainer. I knew this is meant to be.”

Robertson Is Now Married & a Mom to 2 Children

Robertson started sharing tidbits of her relationship with Preciado on Instagram in May 2019. In December 2019, she revealed she was both pregnant and engaged. “I can’t wait to marry this man, with our son there. Easiest ‘YES’ I’ve ever said,” she teased on Instagram. “The Bachelor” star jumped right into wedding planning, hinting in January 2020 she’d found her wedding dress, venue, and caterer. “Save the Date” cards with an October wedding date were created, and the couple’s son Joaquin Ramon arrived in June 2020, shared People.

Preciado and Robertson got married in October as planned, although only immediate family attended due to COVID-19. “We initially had a much bigger wedding and because of COVID-19, we scaled it way back,” Robertson told People at the time. “It feels really good to just have our nearest and dearest with us to celebrate. Short and simple!” she added. The former “Bachelor” winner admitted, “Before I met Humberto I was about to lose hope. I was giving up on dating.” Robertson added, however, she was glad she waited. “Humberto feels like home to me. And I know I finally met the right one,” she admitted after getting married. In November 2021, the family grew by one more as they welcomed baby girl Paloma Ruby, revealed People.

Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” will mark Robertson’s first return to the franchise since departing years ago. Her day-to-day life is filled with building memories with her husband and children, rather than causing drama in front of reality television cameras, and viewers will be eager to see for themselves how much she has changed.