Victoria Fuller’s Relationship History: Who Has the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Dated?

Victoria Fuller

Getty Victoria Fuller attends the iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Throughout season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Victoria Fuller has seemed ready and determined to find love. Spoilers for the finale and pre-taped reunion show reveal Fuller’s dating status has shifted in some dramatic ways over the past few months, and viewers will see it all play out Tuesday night. Ahead of the last episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” fans may want to revisit Fuller’s past dating history.

Here’s what you need to know:

Victoria Fuller Dated a Country Singer

When “Bachelor Nation” first met Fuller, it was when she joined Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor” in 2020. At the time, spoiler king Reality Steve detailed some juicy background details about Fuller’s past relationships. Some of those alleged past relationships did impact her journey with Weber.

“I can honestly say in all my years doing this, I have never had so many negative stories and as many people contact me about one person than I have this season with Victoria Fuller,” Reality Steve admitted. His sources had detailed a trend of dating married men in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she lived.

Fuller had to face some questions about these allegations during “The Bachelor,” but that wasn’t the only challenge she ran into while pursuing Weber’s final rose. During a one-on-one date with Weber, Fuller had the opportunity to enjoy a concert featuring country singer Chase Rice. As Reality Steve revealed, she “had a past with” the singer. “They were dating/hooking up prior to coming on the show.”

Despite these blasts from the past, Weber kept Fuller around through the overnight Fantasy Suite dates. At that point, she was eliminated, and she was left to look for romance again on her own.

Fuller Returned to ‘Bachelor Nation’ for Another Try or Two

Not long after “The Bachelor” finale for Weber’s season aired, Fuller found herself a new beau. As Life & Style detailed, Fuller connected with former “Bachelor” Chris Soules, and the two quietly dated for about five months. After they split, Fuller acknowledged, “I am just living my best life. We went a separate direction, but I, like, respect him so much and I think he’s an amazing man.”

For a while after that, Fuller flew under the radar when it came to her dating life. In September, after filming season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” she joined the “Almost Famous” podcast for a chat. During that podcast appearance, Fuller mentioned she’d had a one-year relationship after dating Soules that she had kept quiet. Despite not finding love with Weber or Soules, she decided to try “Bachelor in Paradise” after that relationship ended because she was ready “to settle down…get engaged and be married, have kids, and have all the things.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers from Reality Steve detail Fuller will get engaged to Johnny DePhilllipo during the finale. However, when the reunion show airs, viewers will learn that the relationship soured quickly. After breaking off her engagement as season 8 aired, Fuller started dating another “Bachelor Nation” figure — Greg Grippo. Fuller and Grippo have been together almost non-stop since initially being spotted together in Italy, and fans will be interested to see how this relationship proceeds once they are able to go public Tuesday night.