‘Bachelor’ Fans Notice Something Unusual About Daisy Kent’s ‘After the Final Rose’ Set

Daisy Kent Joey Graziadei

ABC Daisy Kent and Joey Graziadei.

Viewers of “The Bachelor” noticed something strange during the “After the Final Rose” special on March 25, 2024.

As host Jesse Palmer talked to several different women from Joey Graziadei’s season, a set designer seemingly made a switcheroo with the décor for the rose-filled reality show.

“Bachelor” star Graziadei chose Kelsey Anderson as his final pick. He popped the question with a 4-carat Neil Lane ring after runner-up Daisy Kent bowed out of the final rose ceremony.

And for Kent’s segment of the live “After the Final Rose” special, things were coming up daisies instead of roses.

Fans Noticed a Change to ‘The Bachelor’ Set When Daisy Kent Appeared on Stage

The Bachelor finale

ABCJesse Palmer and Daisy Kent; Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei.

“Bachelor” fans don’t miss a trick. As the “After the Final Rose” update show aired, TikTok user @that’s_soooo_raven shared a clip of former “Bachelorette” Charity Lawson talking to Palmer during the episode. A second slide showed Daisy Kent sitting down with Palmer a little later. For Lawson’s segment, the tables surrounding her and Palmer were decorated with candles and the traditional vases of red roses. But for Kent’s segment, the flowers were switched out for daisies.

“Did anyone else notice the change from ROSES to DAISIES?” came the caption.

Other fans commented on the “sweet detail.”

“Yes, I noticed it INSTANTLY!” one viewer wrote.

Others reacted to the fact that Kent was not announced as the next “Bachelorette.”

“YES I thought that was confirmation it was her!!!” one fan wrote of the daisy décor.

“OMG!! I missed this! That would have been so … cute if she was the bachelorette and they did Daisies!” another commenter wrote.

“Aww I’m sure they would have run with the daisy theme if she did accept. It would have been so cute! 🥺” another agreed.

Another fan chimed in to point out that a Daisy cottage cheese commercial came on immediately following Kent’s emotional scene in which she questioned her connection with Graziadei.

“I thought it was a sign that Joey chose Daisy when the cottage cheese commercial came on!” one viewer wrote.

Daisy Kent Said She Wants to Focus on Herself Now Instead of Dating


Kent ended her run on “The Bachelor” on her own terms on “The Bachelor” finale. After meeting Graziadei’s parents, she felt something was “off” with him on their final date. Once she knew in her heart that “The Bachelor” star wasn’t going to pick her, Kent self-eliminated herself.

After telling Graziadei that she did fall in love with him, she added,  “You’re not going to choose me.”

“The last couple of days, I realized that, you know, you’re not my person,” she told “The Bachelor” star. “And I know that you know I’m not your person. And as much as that hurts, I know you said you want the best for me, so I’m going to do what’s best for me and I’m going to go.”

Many fans assumed Kent would be the next “Bachelorette.” But as she sat with Palmer for her daisy-filled update, she shared, “I’m leaving this whole experience happier than when I came in.”

“I’m healthy and I’m happy, and I haven’t had those two things in a really long time, “ she added. “And so right now, I know it’s a time for me to focus on the things I love and the people I love, and so, right now, no, I’m not ready. And that’s okay, and I’m really proud of myself for realizing that.”

At the end of the episode, Jenn Tran was announced as the new “Bachelorette” for season 21.

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