Joey Graziadei Makes His Decision: Did He Get Engaged?

Bachelor Finale

Heavy/ABC Joey Graziadei's final rose recipient has been revealed.

Joey Graziadei entered season 27 of “The Bachelor” looking for his Ms. Right, and he found her. The 2024 “Bachelor” finale aired on Monday, March 25, and it was a juicy episode.

Were “The Bachelor” spoilers about Graziadei’s final rose right? What is his status with his lady now?

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei Is Engaged to Kelsey Anderson

At the beginning of the March 25 season 27 “Bachelor” finale, Graziadei had Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson remaining. Both ladies had an opportunity to meet his family. In addition, both women got last-chance dates with Graziadei.

Since “The Bachelor” premiere, viewers knew there would be tears and drama at the final rose ceremony. ABC aired footage that showed Graziadei crying at some point during that last rose ceremony. A distressed Graziadei walked away from the pedestal with the rose and approached the producers.

Despite all of the hints of drama, Graziadei’s journey ultimately wrapped on a good note. He chose Anderson and proposed to her. The couple remains together and happy, and they seem to be looking toward a wonderful future together.

“The Bachelor” spoilers had indicated Anderson would get the rose and proposal. Plenty of fans, however, choose to stay unspoiled or wait to see it all play out on television screens before believing the spoilers.

In this case, the latest version of the spoilers from blogger and podcaster Reality Steve were accurate after all.

Reality Steve also spoiled that Kent would figure out she wouldn’t be Graziadei’s pick, that she would tell Anderson, and that she would tell Graziadei she knew at the final rose ceremony, too. Viewers saw essentially that play out, as well.

‘The Bachelor’ Fans Had Plenty to Say About Graziadei’s Decision

As soon as Graziadei’s decision was revealed, “The Bachelor” fans hit the Internet to share their reactions. Some immediately started rallying to see Kent named as “The Bachelorette.” Others gushed over Anderson and Graziadei as a couple.

“I’m literally crying as if I know these people omfg they are so precious together I hope they last,” one fan tweeted.

“Screaming, crying, throwing up like I just got engaged. I’m so happy for kelsey,” another fan tweeted.

Someone else gushed, “Idk [I don’t know] if I should be upset that joeys season is over or crying because of how beautiful the proposal was. Emotions overload!!!”

“Congratulations to Joey and Kelsey. You two are meant for each other,” read another tweet.

“I have not watched the bachelor in YEARS! And this was a beautiful wonderful season. Joey was an amazing bachelor! 10/10 no notes,” tweeted a thrilled “Bachelor” viewer.

“Daisy for bachelorette,” one of Kent’s fans tweeted.

Another fan noted, “The way Daisy looked and came out has bachelorette written all over it!”

Someone else’s tweet read, “We’re getting such a Bachelorette edit here and I long for Maria [Georgas] but for the first time I’m not mad if it’s Daisy?”

“Everything about Daisy is giving Bachelorette right now,” suggested a different fan

“I really think Joey and Kelsey [are] perfect for each other and Daisy deserves that Bachelorette journey,” declared another viewer.

While many viewers thought Kent was being perfectly set up to become “The Bachelorette,” she shared she felt she wasn’t ready to look for love again yet. ABC did reveal their next “Bachelorette” lead, but it wasn’t Kent or the other presumed frontrunner, Maria Georgas.