Is This the Real Reason That Dale Moss Is Hanging out With Clare Crawley?

Dale Moss

ABC/Craig Sjodin Dale Moss appeared on season 16 of 'The Bachelorette.'

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss have been together in Florida for a couple of days now. The two reunited about one month after calling off their engagement, both announcing their decision to split on social media.

As previously reported by Heavy, Crawley and Moss were spotted walking in Venice, Florida, and later at a local bar. They were then presumably together at a salon or a spa, before heading to Rosebud’s Steak & Seafood House in Osprey, Florida.

Fans have been wondering what exactly caused the two to travel to Florida together. At this point, they don’t really seem to be worried about who sees them, as evidenced by the fact that they posed for photos together at dinner on Wednesday night.

A source told E! News that Crawly “finally caved” to Moss and agreed to “talk it out with him.”

“She’s been trying to move on but it’s been very hard. She wanted to see him in person so she flew to Florida to be with him. They aren’t back together but Clare has expressed she misses him and wants to work it out,” the source shared.

However, fans have a completely different theory, and they believe that Moss is doing this for the wrong reasons (again).

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Believe Dale Moss Is Trying to Build His Brand & up His Instagram Following to 1 Million

A Reddit thread was created to discuss Crawley and Moss’ dinner date on Wednesday evening has turned into a way for Redditors to express how they really feel about Moss.

Many had been skeptical about the former NFL star from the moment he stepped out of the limo. Some fans wondered if he and Crawley had talked before he showed up on The Bachelorette. Others were curious about his reasons for going on the show, noticing that he didn’t seem completely into the idea of settling down and starting a family.

Now that Moss is back in Crawley’s life, that same skepticism has crept back into the minds of many.

“This is all Dale wants. To have people going to his page again. He’s getting the engagement but not the kind Clare wants,” wrote one Reddit user.

“Agreed! Please, people, don’t follow him again. This sub will keep you updated anyway. Don’t give him what he wants. He’s living for this and he knows he quit the relationship too soon to actually gain the 1M followers he wants,” added another.

Another Redditor was quick to point out that Moss was “up 1,000 followers since Monday.” He currently has 731,000 followers.

Dale Moss & Clare Crawley Still Have not Deleted Their Photos Together on Instagram

A failed relationship — and even more so a broken engagement — often results in the deletion of all the memories that came along with it. However, neither Crawley nor Moss ever deleted their photos together on Instagram.

As previously reported by Heavy, Crawley made some interesting changes to her photos, but didn’t actually delete them. She went in and deleted the romantic captions that she wrote on each photo she uploaded.

Crawley even unfollowed Moss on Instagram (she still doesn’t follow him). At some point, Moss unfollowed her as well. It sounds like the two may be switching that up soon.

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