Gerry Turner Is Speaking Out About Accusations From an Old Girlfriend

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ABC Gerry Turner.

“Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner is responding to accusations from his ex-girlfriend.

The woman, described only as “Carolyn,” made a series of accusations about the “Golden Bachelor” in The Hollywood Reporter right before the finale. The accusations shifted some fans’ opinions about Turner.

Turner eventually chose New Jersey widow Theresa Nist, and they are engaged to be married live on television in January. He rejected finalist Leslie Fhima in a tear-filled finale on November 30, 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gerry Turner Tried to Brush Off ‘Carolyn’s’ Accusations in Interviews

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ABCGerry Turner and Theresa Nist.

Carolyn made her accusations to The Hollywood Reporter. In that interview, she revealed that Turner started dating her one month after his wife, Toni, died, and she said they were in a relationship of more than a year that resulted in her moving in with him. This ran counter to the image Turner crafted as a grieving widower finally able to seek love again.

In addition, Carolyn claimed that Turner refused to attend his high school reunion with her because she gained 10 pounds, was fastidious around the house, demanded she pay him rent, and insisted she pay half for all dinners out, making her give him her half beforehand so he could look like he was paying the tab. The article also revealed that Turner, painted as a restaurateur by the show, had held a series of other jobs that the show never discussed, working as a maintenance man when he met Carolyn, who was 14 years his junior.

One publication that asked Turner about Carolyn’s accusations was The New York Times.

“I guess I haven’t really looked at it as how accurate it is. I’ve more looked at it in terms of timing, and how it really doesn’t fit with all of the positive things that are going on in my life right now,” Turner told The New York Times. “I mean, I’m sitting across from Theresa right now, and I look at her, and she’s the love of my life. And I really don’t have time to think about some of the other stuff.”

Asked if he read The Hollywood Reporter article, Turner told The Times, “I gave it a cursory look, so that’s about all I could say.”

Turner did not confirm or deny any of Carolyn’s accusations. He told USA Today, “I would like to think there’s enough of me out there, that people can draw their own conclusions. But my biggest concern would be candor with Theresa.”

The newspaper reported that Turner “declines to discuss specifics.”

Gerry Turner Told Interviewers He Did Not Want to ‘Get Bogged Down in the Past’

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner

Heavy/ABC“The Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner admits to dating failures after his wife died.

Turner also spoke about Carolyn’s accusations to Entertainment Tonight.

“I don’t give it a whole lot of thought. I’ve got to be honest, I just don’t give it a life,” he told ET. “I have so many positives in my life right now. Right at this very moment, look what I have that is an equal partner to me! To get bogged down in the past, I just can’t go there, nor do I want to.”

Carolyn also provided text messages she claimed to THR were similar in tone to things Turner said to “Golden Bachelor” contestants.

A source told ET: “Gerry was open with the golden women in the house about his approximately year-and-a-half-long relationship with the woman.”

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