Accusations About Gerry Turner’s Past Are Coming Back to Haunt Him

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ABC Gerry Turner's ex has made accusations about his past.

“Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner is facing accusations from his past a day before the final rose ceremony airs on November 30, 2023.

The accusations came from a former girlfriend of Turner’s, identified only as “Carolyn” in a November 29 story published by The Hollywood Reporter. The story contradicts the “Golden Bachelor” narrative of Turner as a grieving widower who is finally ready to meet his soulmate, indicating that Turner’s dating history may be more complicated than fans were told by the show.

Turner is set to choose between New Jersey widow Theresa Nist and Minneapolis fitness instructor Leslie Fhima. Nist and Fhima’s son have been liking comments on Instagram that are not always positive to the other competitor.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gerry Turner’s Ex-Girlfriend ‘Carolyn’ Is Accusing Him of Not Taking Her to His High School Reunion Because She Gained 10 Pounds

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ABC‘The Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner hints he found love.

Turner met Carolyn while he was working as a maintenance man at a mental health center near Davenport, Iowa, and she was a staff accountant there, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which wrote that Carolyn requested not to be named.

According to THR, Turner began dating Carolyn a month after his wife, Toni, died, and they dated for 10 months and “lived together for one year and nine months.” According to THR, she is “attractive and 14 years his junior.”

THR said that Carolyn was bothered that Turner seems to use lines on contestants that he used on her. She says he promised her mom he would marry her but changed after she moved into his lake house, THR reported.

Among her accusations, according to THR: Turner made her contribute $1,000 a month, which she “negotiated down to $850,” and he would not pick up the cost of meals “except on special occasions,” even to the degree that she paid her half before the meal so he could look like he was paying the tab.

She told THR that Turner “insisted that Carolyn make the bed before she come upstairs for breakfast” and, in 2019, refused to take her to his high school reunion because she had gained 10 pounds, telling her, “I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that.” According to THR, that ended their relationship and, after she fell down the stairs before moving out, he accused her of “using the fall to prolong her stay” and made her stay in a hotel.

Gerry Turner Was on Vacation in Florida With an Ex-Girlfriend When He Was Chosen to Be the ‘Golden Bachelor’

It was previously revealed that Turner was on vacation with a woman when “The Golden Bachelor” called him and said he was the choice and needed an STD test, which is the normal procedure for the principal, Turner told Access Hollywood.

Turner told Access Hollywood that he was “with a former girlfriend actually. We’ve remained good friends.” Whether that former girlfriend was “Carolyn” or someone else is not clear.

Turner said of the ex girlfriend: “She looked at me, like ‘What the hell?'”

Turner said she knew he was “in this process,” but he added to Access Hollywood, “She has clearly stated she wants nothing to do with this.”

Heather Lanning, a friend of Turner’s, told The Sun that Turner “was with a couple of women for a decent amount of time, but it just didn’t work out.”

“I think it goes back to whether you’re there for the right reason or not,” Lanning said of the reason.

Turner told Access Hollywood that it took him awhile to decide to date again, adding, “I don’t want to be by myself anymore.”

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