Gerry Turner Shares His Final Words With Faith Martin

Faith Martin and Gerry Turner

Heavy/ABC Faith Martin and Gerry Turner reconnect at the "Women Tell All."

During the “Women Tell All” episode of “The Golden Bachelor”, viewers watched as Gerry Turner eliminated Faith Martin. The two saw one another for the first time since filming when they were both on stage during the WTA and they shared some tender words. There was a whispered exchange during a hug that viewers did not get to hear, but now, both Turner and Martin have shared some details about what was said.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gerry Turner & Faith Martin Got Some Closure

During the “Women Tell All” episode of “The Golden Bachelor” that aired on November 10, Martin and Turner gave one another a tearful hug when they were brought back together. They also hugged as they said goodbye at the end of their segment.

Turner talked to Deadline about the elimination and reunion with Martin. “I think both of us were looking for a moment when we could have some closure. We’d gotten close.”

“The Golden Bachelor” star shared, “As she was walking off the stage to leave, I got her attention. This is one of those memories that I’ll keep with me, probably forever. I asked for one more hug, and we again hugged for a long time.”

While the two shared a long hug goodbye, “The Golden Bachelor” star noted, “She told me she loved me, and I told her the same back and I said ‘Okay, when we break from this hug, I think both of us need to be smiling.”

He explained to Martin in that moment, “‘Because that’s how I want each of us to remember the other.’ And we did a fairly good job of it.”

Turner’s Final Words to Martin ‘Meant the Most’ to Her

Turner stopped by Sherri Shepherd’s daytime talk show on November 10 and reflected on the “Women Tell All” episode with her as well. “The Golden Bachelor” star said that reuniting with Martin was “Incredible.”

He explained, “I know that both Faith and I felt like our parting at the mansion represented no closing for either of us.” Turner added, “So the weeks that went by between that moment and the moment I got to see her again on stage…were agonizing.”

“The Golden Bachelor” shared, “I was so thrilled to see her” when they reunited on stage. “I mean, she’s just a genuine, good heart.” Turner also noted Martin is warm and loving.

He reiterated, “In the hug, we still told each other we loved each other,” he admitted. Turner then added, “And that’s just the way it is.”

After taping the “Women Tell All” episode, Martin opened up to Glamour about the experience. She admitted, “What he said that was offstage is what meant the most to me.”

Martin noted the hug that Turner brought her back to give as she was leaving the stage. “Those are private things,” they said to one another, she indicated, but added, “They are just so meaningful.”

“The Golden Bachelor” contestant said Turner is “Just really a true, soulful guy. And that’s what I loved about him from day one.” Martin also shared, “He gave me so many gifts and treasures that I will always cherish, so I really feel like I’m going away with so much more than I came in with.”

“I got really good closure. It just felt so good to hug him and to be able to tell each other we still love each other, and that’s okay,” she shared.

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