‘The Bachelorette’ News: Is Hannah Brown Engaged to Adam Woolard?

Getty Images Hannah Brown celebrated her birthday with a dinner party.

Hannah Brown celebrated her 27th birthday on September 24, 2021, and was feted with a rooftop birthday dinner.

The former “Bachelorette” star enjoyed food and cocktails with some of her best friends, including “Bachelor” star Heather Martin, and Hannah’s boyfriend, Adam Woolard. Hannah wore a princess pink dress with flutter straps and a crown of white baby’s breath. She shared photos and videos from the event on her Instagram Stories.

“I had the best night celebrating with some really special people. It was the dreamiest and I can’t wait to share,” Hannah wrote on her first photo of the night — which was a snap of her birthday cake. In a subsequent post, Hannah wrote, “it was magic.”

Fans seemed to enjoy everything that Hannah shared, as evidenced by a Reddit thread that was started in honor of her special day, but there were also a lot of questions about the event. For starters, a lot of fans noticed that Hannah was wearing a ring on her left ring finger and immediately wondered if she and Adam had gotten engaged.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hannah & Adam Don’t Appear to Be Engaged

ANSWERING YOUR ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME!Did I answer your assumptions about me? SO surprised how many y’all got right! Let me know if you liked this video and if you would like for me to do part 2 soon! *NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY* Follow Me: Instagram: instagram.com/hannahbrown/ Twitter: twitter.com/hannahbrown TikTok: vm.tiktok.com/ZMJUSBFyx/ Facebook: facebook.com/hannahbrownofficial/ Edited: Natalie Toppino Produced by: Social Fleur…2021-09-01T22:10:28Z

While just about everyone has been rooting for Hannah to find her happily ever after following her season of “The Bachelorette,” it doesn’t seem like Hannah and Adam are engaged just yet. The couple has an incredibly strong bond and appear to be the best of friends, but Adam has not popped the question, as far as we know.

If you take a close look at Hannah’s ring finger in the videos on her Instagram Stories — particularly the one where she’s holding her glass up for a toast — you can see that she isn’t actually wearing a diamond ring. It appears to be a gold ring that features a flower.

In a Q&A posted to Hannah’s YouTube channel on September 1, 2021, Hannah revealed that she’s “really not” ready to get married and have babies. “I’m super happy in my relationship, and I’ve always seen myself being married and having babies, but I think moving out to LA has really helped me [to] see the big picture,” she said, adding that she doesn’t feel that she needs to be “married with a baby on [her] hip at 25.”

Hannah’s Pink Dress Caused an Uproar on Social Media

Hannah looked darling for her birthday dinner, choosing the perfect pink dress fit for a princess. However, the look caused some people on social media to criticize Hannah, a few people saying that the high-waisted dress was not flattering, and some people even wondering if Hannah is pregnant.

“She has a very cute figure she’s athletic and cute but this dress does her NO favors. It looks really unflattering…” one Redditor wrote on a thread.

“The dress being so high waisted with the layers and belt is not flattering at all. It is a twirly dress that goes with the theme and I am sure it prob looked better in person. But way too much fabric,” added another.

“It makes her look pregnant when she isn’t. I’m sure she herself would also agree that’s a bad angle. What women wants people to think she’s pregnant if she’s not,” another Redditor wrote.

In her September 1, 2021, YouTube video, Hannah made it very clear that she doesn’t want to have kids anytime soon.

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