Jade Roper Taken to Emergency Room Following Pregnancy Loss

Jade Roper.

Getty Images Jade Roper has been taken to the ER.

Reality television star Jade Roper has been taken to the emergency room after experiencing a “missed miscarriage.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” star revealed the pregnancy loss about a week prior.

“At the ER, woke up feeling awful and needed stat blood work and an ultrasound. Still experiencing a missed miscarriage and my body isn’t releasing the pregnancy. Worried a bit about infection, so here we are,” Roper captioned a photo of herself on her Instagram Stories on August 19, 2023.

Roper appeared to be in good spirits despite what’s going on with her body. She was seen smiling while sitting upright in a hospital chair in the hallway of a hospital after having some blood work done.

In another update, Roper shared that doctors did not find an infection.

“No infection, labs all came back normal, however my body is still producing hCG (it essentially still thinks it’s growing a baby). Those levels have to go down for the body to miscarry. By now, for how long it’s been since the baby stopped growing, my body shouldn’t be doing this, it’s like it’s in denial,” she wrote.

Roper has been released from the hospital.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jade Roper Suffered a Missed Miscarriage in August

Roper had recently shared that she and her husband Tanner Tolbert were thinking about adding to their family. The couple, who met and fell in love on “Bachelor in Paradise,” has three children; Emmy, Brooks, and Reed.

Although Roper didn’t share the news that she was expecting her fourth child, she took to Instagram on August 14, 2023, to share the devastating news that she was going through a miscarriage.

“I’ve been struggling what to write here as I’ve been navigating a miscarriage. It felt like all my dreams were coming true to welcome another baby into our lives, to love and to complete our family. While our hearts are completely broken and we have been dealing with the deep and complex grief of the loss, we have been blessed to be touched by his soul for his short amount of time. I am forever changed,” she wrote.

“I’m currently experiencing what is a called a missed miscarriage, so while his heart has stopped and he has stopped growing (for some time now), my body hasn’t released the pregnancy yet,” she continued, adding that she was hoping to go through the process “naturally.”

Jade Roper Has Asked Fans to Respect Her Decision to Allow Her Body to Heal

Roper is doing her best to remain positive as she travels down this unexpected road. However, she did take a moment to ask that fans support her as she does what she feels is best for her during this time.

“Please respect my choice to try and go this route naturally, I appreciate all the love and support. Reading your kind words really does help me get through the tougher parts of this,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Roper and Tolbert grabbed some ice cream after their time at the hospital and then headed home to be with their kids and to “decompress.”

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