‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Joey Graziadei’s Final Rose Pick Revealed

Joey Graziadei

Heavy/ABC "The Bachelor" Joey Graziadei is engaged.

Joey Graziadei is the next lead for “The Bachelor,” and his season debuts on January 22. Podcaster and blogger Reality Steve has already been dishing out spoilers on how the upcoming journey to find love goes, and he just came out with the scoop on his final rose recipient.

According to Reality Steve, “The Bachelor” winner for Graziadei’s season is Daisy Kent.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei Is Engaged to Daisy Kent

On November 29, Reality Steve took to Instagram to reveal the news. He shared that the final two women for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor” are Kent and Kelsey Anderson. Rachel Nance got an overnight date, but then she was eliminated.

According to Reality Steve, Kent and Graziadei are engaged.

CBS 8 shared that Kent, 24,  has profound hearing loss. The hearing loss began when she was 15 years old. “It started as a lot of high-pitched ringing and then just progressively got worse, and I couldn’t understand speech very well,” she explained.

It took until Kent was 17 for doctors to find answers. She was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, which the Mayo Clinic notes is an inner ear issue that can cause vertigo and hearing loss. It typically affects people over the age of 40.

When Kent was 21, additional medical testing revealed Kent also had Lyme disease. She believes the Lyme disease caused the Meniere’s and hearing loss. Kent tried hearing aids but ultimately pursued a cochlear implant. “The Bachelor” star had her implant surgery in March 2023 and has documented her journey on social media.

Graziadei & His Ladies Will Travel Quite a Bit

Reality Steve released additional spoilers for Graziadei’s “The Bachelor” season in a November 29 blog post. In addition to Anderson, Kent, and Nance getting overnight dates as well as hometown dates, Maria Georgas had a hometown date as well.

The overnight dates, final dates, and final rose ceremony took place in Tulum, Mexico, Reality Steve shared. The final two ladies presumedly met Graziadei’s family while in Mexico, but no spoilers on those meetings have emerged yet.

As Reality Steve laid out the details of Graziadei’s season on his blog, he noted this was the earliest he had received the final rose spoiler in quite some time. Not only did he spoil that Kent is engaged to Graziadei, but he was able to lay out details on other key developments for the entire season.

The first individual date of the season went to Kent. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate the couple flew by helicopter to Redondo Beach, California, where they attended the BeachLife Festival.

“The Bachelor” spoilers indicate that Graziadei and his ladies will explore Malta after leaving California, and then they will travel to Marbella, Spain.

After Spain, the final 10 women and “The Bachelor” went to Montreal, Canada, and then to Jasper, Alberta, Canada. The hometown dates came after that, and then the remaining events took place in Mexico.

‘The Bachelor’ Fans Are Excited About Graziadei’s Spoilers

Quite a few excited “The Bachelor” fans commented on the spoiler news Reality Steve shared.

“Thank you for the spoilers. Had a feeling Joey would choose Daisy. I hope they stay together,” one person commented on Reality Steve’s Instagram post.

Another wrote, “Wow Steve, you’ve been busy. Thanks for all you do, you are appreciated!”

“Yes!!! So happy lol,” someone else gushed.

“I totally called this in my mind,” another commenter joked.

“Wow Literally everyone has been saying daisy for weeks… now it’s confirmed… bachelor nation is on it haha,” quipped a separate “Bachelor” fan.