Lauren & Arie Luyendyk Share Exciting Family News

Lauren and Arie Luyendyk

YouTube "The Bachelor" stars Lauren and Arie Luyendyk share a family update.

“The Bachelor” stars Lauren and Arie Luyendyk have celebrated some fantastic family-related events over the past few months, and they recently had yet another development to embrace. They threw an incredible birthday party for their daughter Alessi when she turned 3, and they put together a fabulous event shortly after that when their twins Lux and Senna celebrated their first birthdays. Now, they have another fun milestone to gush over and it involved little Lux.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lux Started Walking on His Own

The Luyendyk family has been soaking up time at their home in Hawaii this summer, and “The Bachelor” fans have seen them keeping very busy. Arie and Lauren go hiking a lot, and usually, each of them has a twin in a baby carrier on their chest or back. However, the twins get plenty of time to be mobile on their own terms, too, and Lux decided it was time to up the ante.

The Luyendyks shared a video on their YouTube page showing Lux taking his first official steps. They had mentioned in previous social media updates they thought he would pull this off before Senna did, and they were right. Naturally, they had a camera ready when they sensed Lux might achieve this milestone.

It looked as if Lux had already been practicing this big moment, and both Arie and Lauren noted they thought he was ready as they started recording. The toddler had a look of surprise on his face as he successfully took a step or two unassisted, and “The Bachelor” stars laughed as Arie joked, “Oh, you shocked yourself?” to Lux.

Once Lux Started Walking, He Didn’t Want to Stop

Lux kept practicing while the family was at home, and he got another opportunity again later the same day. Arie and Lauren took the kids out to dinner, and they stopped at an open, grassy field for a while afterward. Lux practiced walking while barefoot in the grass, and he kept making it a few steps at a time.

Once the family was home and the kids were getting ready to sleep, Arie and Lauren noted Senna would probably walk soon, too. Lauren noted that Senna was standing on her own more now, which she hadn’t done previously, so Senna may have felt motivated by watching Lux’s success. Both “Bachelor” stars were a little emotional and very excited to see their son achieve this big milestone, and their fans adored it too.

“I’ve never seen such pride!!!! He’s adorable. I bet by now he’s zooming all over,” one fan commented on their YouTube video.

“Yay for Lux!! Your kids are so cute!!!!!!! I love watching them grow. Thanks for sharing their progress with us!! You two rock!!” someone else shared.

“Gosh… it’s so crazy watching this! In the back of my mind I can still picture the ultrasound video where you found out you were having twins. It’s so fun to see your family/ your children growing up,” noted another fan.