‘Bachelor’ Star Reveals Significant Family Loss

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A former “Bachelor” lead shared news of a major family loss in a recent Instagram Story. Matt James, who led season 25 of the show in 2021, shared some heartfelt tidbits about his family throughout his reality television journey to find love. Fans likely remember how close he was to his mother, Patty James, and how difficult his dynamic was with his father, Manny James. Matt has typically not shared much about the rest of his extended family, but a recent loss he recognized on social media signaled a passing that surely has a deep impact on both “The Bachelor” star and his mother.

Here’s what you need to know:

Matt James’ Maternal Grandmother Died

On April 30, “The Bachelor” star shared an Instagram Story that originated on his mom Patty’s account. “I lost my best friend and confidant early this morning. RIP Mom,” Patty wrote over a photo of her mother. The photo showed her mom sitting in a chair with a blanket over her lap and a small stuffed animal on her shoulder. She wore white gloves and had on a loose-fitting white dress or blouse, along with blue-rimmed glasses. She also had a large smile on her face when the snapshot was taken. Neither Patty nor Matt added any details regarding how long ago the photo was taken, or anything regarding her death.

An obituary on the Dignity Memorial site detailed that Eve Katherine Cuculo died on Sunday, April 30. She was 98 years old, and she had been born in March 1925 in Providence, Rhode Island. An older obituary on Legacy.com revealed Eve had been married to Dr. John Cuculo, who died in August 2009. He had also grown up in Providence, Rhode Island, and relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina four decades before his death. John and Eve had three children, including “The Bachelor” star’s mother, Patty. John attended Brown University in Rhode Island and went on to earn a PhD at Duke University. He invented Stren fishing line, his obituary noted, and he held several patents for other products in the field of fiber and polymer science.

‘The Bachelor’ Star Openly Adores His Mother

As Wake Forest Magazine detailed, “The Bachelor” star grew up in Raleigh with his mother and older brother, and it seems Patty spent most of her life before having kids there too. Matt’s father was not around, and his mother struggled financially, at times. “The community really rallied around us to make sure I had what I needed,” Matt explained of those tough days. He noted his mother was “the most faithful person I’ve ever known,” and he told “Good Morning America” his mother definitely influenced what he was looking for in his own partner. “Everything that she sacrificed for myself and my brother to be in the position that we’re at, I want to be that for somebody else,” Matt explained, while adding, “And the way that she loved myself and John is how I want to love somebody and how I want to be loved.”

In an October 2022 Instagram post, Matt reinforced his love and appreciation for all his mother did to raise him well. He shared a video taken on the football field at Wake Forest, and he was with his mother. “The Patty James Women’s Athletic Scholarship Fund,” the caption began. “How do you honor someone who has given you the world? By providing the same resources for the next generation,” he added. Over the loudspeakers during the video, the announcer noted that “The Bachelor” star had created the fund as a way to honor his mother, and she looked quite touched.

Given how close Matt is to his mother, and how close she was to her own mother, according to her Instagram Story, it seems likely “The Bachelor” star and his mom are reflecting on a lot of memories related to the family matriarch. Both Matt and Patty have made it clear they prioritize their faith, family, and helping others, and her upbringing with her parents and siblings surely had a significant role in developing that in her.