Fans Upset With Reality Steve Over Photo Spoiler

Bachelor Spoiler Alert

Heavy Reality Steve dropped a big Bachelor Nation spoiler that has fans upset.

Fans of “The Bachelor” franchise often love to get spoilers for each variation of the show. However, a lot of viewers try to avoid significant spoilers and get upset if they are shared carelessly online. A new and major spoiler from blogger and podcaster Reality Steve on November 21 for “The Golden Bachelor” generated a lot of backlash from show fans. The outrage was not because of the information he shared. Rather, it was the way he shared it that caused fans to lash out.

Warning! Major spoilers for “The Golden Bachelor” below!

Reality Steve Spoiled ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Ending

On November 21, Reality Steve shared “The Golden Bachelor” spoilers revealing the final rose recipient. Gerry Turner had two women left ahead of the November 30 finale. Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist both got Fantasy Suite dates and are still contenders for Turner’s final rose.

Until Reality Steve’s November 21 spoiler emerged, “The Golden Bachelor” fans did not know for certain whether Nist or Fhima received that last rose. Those who wanted to know the spoiler were excited to finally see it. Fans who had hoped to remain in the dark, however, were disappointed by how the information was shared.

Reality Steve posted “The Golden Bachelor” spoiler on his Instagram page in a way that helped people avoid being spoiled. His post included four slides, and the first one avoided specific names or photos. The caption followed the same strategy.

Unfortunately, Reality Steve’s post on X, formerly Twitter, did not work out the same way. The post included the same four slides that Reality Steve used in his Instagram post. The problem was, all four slides were visible upon seeing the post itself.

Anybody who saw Reality Steve’s X post could not avoid knowing that he says Nist receives Turner’s final rose. He immediately received a lot of replies from those disappointed by that fact.

Plz don’t do spoilers by POSTING THE PHOTO. . Give us the option to scroll,” tweeted one dismayed fan

Another “Golden Bachelor” fan added, “Maybe don’t include the picture for people who are scrolling and don’t want to know?”

“You should delete this tweet. Twitter is serving this to people who don’t follow you. just say spoiler and link to something off site. i implore you for the good of humanity to do this. thank you,” pleaded someone else.

Final Rose Spoilers Haven’t Typically Been Spoiled Like This

Reality Steve frequently posts significant spoilers for Bachelor Nation this way on social media. On August 30, he posted a string of tweets revealing “The Golden Bachelor” final three and final two women. His initial tweet included space to help people avoid information they didn’t want, but the photos still popped up.

On August 18, Reality Steve posted a pair of tweets confirming “The Bachelorette” star Charity Lawson’s final rose went to Dotun Olubeko. Reality Steve had previously revealed that particular spoiler, though.

He has also tweeted spoilers, such as Lawson’s final four men for her season of “The Bachelorette,” in ways that made it hard for people to avoid.

However, this does appear to be the first time, at least in several seasons of “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and now the debut season of “The Golden Bachelor,” that he has tweeted the reveal of a final rose recipient.

“Why did you have to spoil it. You should have let the people who wanted to see click on the link. I don’t only follow you for spoilers. Damn. I was really looking forward to being surprised. So much for that,” tweeted another frustrated fan of “The Golden Bachelor.”

“Can we please not put spoilers in the mean pictures SHEESH,” concurred another frustrated follower.

Another similar tweet read, “Thanks for ruining it for me! I saw the picture of Theresa!”

Reality Steve Responded to the Backlash

In his November 22 “Daily Roundup” podcast, Reality Steve addressed the backlash he received from Bachelor Nation. He shared some of the responses he received from frustrated franchise fans. He suggested people not follow him if they don’t want to know spoilers.

“I’m just shaking my head and kinda scratching my head at why people would be upset that I spoiled ‘The Golden Bachelor’ in my tweet,” he said. “I’m not trying to hide it…They’re getting mad at me for spoiling, which is what I do,” he added.

“Just know, if you follow a guy whose name is Reality Steve, who is known for spoiling the shows, and you get a spoiler in a tweet, I think it’s your fault, not mine,” he declared.