Bachelorette Villain Says He Regrets Turning Contestants Against Him

The Bachelorette contestants

ABC The Bachelorette contestants during episode seven of the show.

Spencer Robertson was public enemy number one in episode five of The Bachelorette, somehow managing to aggravate every other contestant within seconds of introducing himself. In an appearance on the podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour, he told hosts Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin that it was all a misunderstanding that he wishes he could take back.

Robertson, 30, was one of four contestants added to the show after Clare Crawley was replaced by Tayshia Adams. Shortly after walking into a room with the 16 other contestants, he asked the group, “So which one of you guys scared away Clare?” The comment didn’t go over well.

“If only I knew then, what I know now,” Robertson said on Bachelor Happy Hour. “I had no idea they had been put through the ringer with Clare. Quite frankly, I’m walking into the room, meeting these guys, and I’m kinda guessing that it’s going to be a locker room vibe. Like spirits are up, we’ve got a new Bachelorette. Not the case whatsoever. And I have to take full responsibility of the fact that I misread the room and said things that — if I had a chance to do it again — I would never say.

Tensions continued to rise when Robertson was awarded the coveted “First Impression Rose.” When he got aggressive during a group date game of Splashball, it earned him a forearm to the face from Riley Christian and a harsh conversation with a few of the contestants who called out his behavior. From there, Robertson said he was able to repair his relationship with the other contestants in the house.

Spencer Says He’s Not the Villain Any More

When Robertson was confronted by the other men after the Splashball date, Kenny Braasch was shown calling him an expletive, Riley Christian called him “lunch meat,” and Zac Clark said he was “stirring it a little bit.” But Robertson told Lindsay and Kufrin that there was a lot more to the conversation that wasn’t shown on ABC.

“That was a very long talk and you only get to see a small portion, but that was actually a very productive talk,” Robertson said. “They kind of said their piece and I said, ‘Okay, give me a chance,’ more or less. ‘You guys will see my true colors.’ From that point forward, I kind of had to earn their respect back, I guess. So I did over the course of the next few days, and weeks, et cetera.”

Now Robertson says he’s a part of the contestants’ group chat and that he came away with a few friendships, even if it took some time

“It definitely took a little while for guys to warm up to me, and rightfully so,” Robertson said. “I would’ve hated me, watching myself at that point. So I get it.”

It probably helped too that others established themselves as villains immediately thereafter, pushing Robertson to the back burner. In episode six, Robertson was hardly shown at all with the conflicts involving Chasen Nick, Ed Waisbrot, and Noah Erb coming to the forefront.

Noah Is Well Positioned to Take Over as Villian

It’s hard to fault Noah Erb for his actions in episode six. When Waisbrot opted against wrestling Nick during a group date, Chris Harrison asked if anyone was willing to step in. Erb jumped at the opportunity and performed pretty well for a man wearing jeans.

It didn’t go over well with other contestants that Erb was invited to the group date after party, but it’s not like he was going to turn down Adams’ offer. And yes, he interrupted Jordan Chapman’s time with Adams during the after party, but there was pretty good reason considering he disappeared to retrieve a razor so she could shave off his mustache.

When Erb got the rose for the group date (which, again, he wasn’t invited on), it frustrated the other men.

But things look like they’re only going to heat up more next episode. A preview for the next episode showed Bennett Jordan confronting Erb and calling him a “little boy,” while Zac Clark is shown saying, “I get the sense Noah is going to do anything he has to do to win.”

Meanwhile, Robertson appears to have removed himself from all the drama and conflict, just as he promised.

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