Theresa Nist Shares Moment That Made Her ‘Bawl My Eyes Out’

Theresa Nist


Theresa Nist has been glowing ever since she was able to reveal her engagement to Gerry Turner during “The Golden Bachelor” finale. The couple was able to share the exciting news with fans during the November 30 finale episode, and they have done quite a few interviews with the media in the days since then.

During one interview, Nist revealed that she was very close with both Faith Martin and Leslie Fhima throughout filming. “The Golden Bachelor” winner also shared the most difficult moment she experienced, and it wasn’t something that happened directly to her.

Here’s what you need to know:

Theresa Nist Cried Over Faith Martin’s Heartbreaking Elimination

On December 4, Entertainment Tonight released an interview with Turner and Nist.

“I would say that the most difficult thing was for me to see Faith [Martin] cry,” Nist noted. She added, “I bawled my eyes out that night.”

As “The Golden Bachelor” viewers saw, Turner blindsided Martin by eliminating her after her hometown date.

Martin was heartbroken by the unexpected elimination, and she remained so during the reunion she had with Turner during the “Women Tell All” episode. However, she still is happy for “The Golden Bachelor” couple.

After the finale aired, Martin shared a photo of the happy “Golden Bachelor” couple on her Instagram page. In the caption of her post, she wrote, “Congratulations Gerry & Theresa! You found each other and made us proud! Love you BOTH!”

Nist replied to Martin in the comments section of the post, writing, “Thank you so much, my beautiful friend, Faith!” You are the best. Love you so much!!”

“Class act move right there. This is why America loves you,” one fan noted on Martin’s post.

Another fan wrote, “Wow! You are a remarkable woman. Takes alot of class to share this and actually be happy for them!”

Nist Became Very Close to Both Martin & Fhima During Filming

During her chat with Entertainment Tonight, Nist said Martin is “wonderful,” and she added, “We LOVE Faith.” Both Turner and Nist noted they have remained in regular contact with her via text message. “I talk to Faith all the time,” Nist revealed.

“The Golden Bachelor” winner also revealed, “Faith and Leslie [Fhima] were actually my best friends in the house.” She noted, “I loved all the women, they were spectacular,” even though she grew closest to Martin and Fhima.

Nist noted that she watched “The Golden Bachelor” episodes throughout the season with her family. She pointed out that she never knew for certain what would make it through editing and be shown to viewers.

She admitted she was a bit leery of what would be shown and how she would look. However, she also shared she and Turner had talked “so in depth about what the entire experience was, so I was prepared.”

Even though Nist knew all the key details about what to expect from talking with Turner, she admitted, “There’s nothing like actually seeing it on TV.” Ultimately, as a result, some of what Nist saw throughout “The Golden Bachelor” episodes was “shocking.”

Any shockers she watched play out on-screen are water under the bridge now, though. Turner and Nist have decided there is no time to waste, and “The Golden Bachelor” lovebirds will be getting married in a live ABC event on January 4.