Tyler Cameron’s See-Through Briefs Have Fans Doing a Double Take

Getty Images Tyler Cameron goes near nude for 'Da Man.'

Tyler Cameron has moved on from his time on “The Bachelorette,” but he hasn’t completely disappeared from the limelight. Following his split from Hannah Brown, Cameron has been really focused on his career. Aside from doing construction, he has also added some additional modeling credits to his resume, and his most recent one has fans doing a double take.

Cameron did an interview with Da Man, and posed for several photos for the outlet, some of which are NSFW. Cameron posed fully dressed in a trench coat, and barely dressed in a towel in different looks for Da Man — but there were two shots in particular that had fans going crazy.

Cameron wore white Balmain briefs that hugged his body, and left very little to the imagination. One of the photos was shared on Da Man’s Instagram page. The others can be seen in the published interview.

Warning: NSFW photo below.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Couldn’t Get Over Cameron’s Da Man Photos

Shortly after Da Man shared the above photo on Instagram, a Reddit thread was started to discuss the NSFW shot. Fans of the franchise shared all kinds of memes about Cameron’s see-through bottoms, his perfectly toned abs, and, well, we’ll let you figure out the rest.

“I zoomed in. I’m not even sorry about it,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“I feel like I just cheated on my husband opening that,” added another.

“This is a terrible picture of his face but no one cares because we aren’t looking at his face,” a third comment read.

“Even with the NSFW tag I wasn’t ready for this,” wrote a fourth person.

Several of the other photos of Cameron have him properly dressed and don’t cause quite the same reaction, but there are additional NSFW pics included in the spread.

Cameron Admits ‘The Bachelorette’ Changed His Life

In his interview with Da Man, Cameron admitted that being on “The Bachelorette” flipped life as he knew it on its head.

“I’m a Florida man who grew up around sports and construction. When sports didn’t work out, I got into the construction. I then went on a popular dating show and my whole life was flipped around,” he told the outlet.

Cameron, who had done some modeling in the past, told Da Man how it all started.

“A random person DM-ed me and asked me if I’ve ever modeled before. I hadn’t. He asked me to send him digitals—I didn’t know what this even meant. I did it out of blind trust and he turned out to be a great guy who set me up with multiple agents,” he explained.

The former reality star also revealed that he hopes to get back on television, though he didn’t elaborate.

“My big goals are to run a successful construction company, get back on TV, and be a high school football coach,” he said.

This appears to be Cameron’s most racy photoshoot to date.

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