Wells Adams Is Not the New Host of ‘The Bachelor’: Report

Getty Images Wells Adams is not the new host of 'The Bachelor,' according to Reality Steve.

For months, fans of “The Bachelor” franchise have been hoping that Wells Adams would step into the role of host, after Chris Harrison parted ways with ABC back in June.

Rumors that Wells was going to take on the gig on a full-time basis following his stellar job on the current season of “Bachelor in Paradise” have been circulating for months, with many fans in agreement that he would be the best guy for the job.

However, as new Bachelor Clayton Echard prepares to kick off his season of the show, it appears as though Wells is … not. According to Reality Steve, filming for Clayton’s season is set to begin on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, at the Bachelor Mansion in California. However, Reality Steve revealed that he’s heard that Wells isn’t along for the ride.

“I don’t know who the new host is yet but I’m hearing now that’s it’s NOT Wells. As reported last month, they are looking for a new, permanent, solo host,” Reality Steve tweeted on September 24, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

There Are Rumors That Jesse Palmer Will Get the Gig

Jesse Palmer isn’t a stranger to hosting various reality television shows, and, as a former “Bachelor” himself, he might be a good choice for ABC to hire as the new franchise host.

Although things didn’t work out for Palmer on the show — he did not propose to his final pick, Jessica Bowlin, according to Us Weekly — he is familiar with the franchise and how things work.

Jesse’s name has been tossed around a bit on social media, and fans on Reddit have weighed in on whether or not they think he’d be a good choice. One Reddit user pointed out that Jesse’s recent Instagram activity would suggest that he’s taking on the role. His account supposedly followed “a Bachelor update/meme page, Aaron, Tre, Wells and the official accounts for the bachelor, bachelorette, BIP, and bachelor happy hour,” the Redditor shared.

Some other fans believe that former “Bachelorette” star Jojo Fletcher was going to be cast because she had been in quarantine in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks, but she has since returned home — before “The Bachelor” even started filming — which rules her out.

No word yet on whether on not ABC is looking to hire one host for all its “Bachelor” franchise shows or if there will be a different host for each “Bachelor” spinoff.

Wells Previously Said That He Likes His Role as Bartender on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ & Wasn’t Really Thinking About Inking a Deal to Take Over for Chris

While Wells isn’t exactly opposed to taking over for Chris, he has said that he’s more than happy with his role as bartender on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

“Those are really large shoes to fill. I want to be a part of the franchise in whatever aspect that they want me to be involved, to be honest with you. I love being the bartender. The host role is the one that is a little bit separated from the cast, if you’re really looking at it objectively,” Wells told Entertainment Tonight back in July.

“[With] the bartender role, I’m entrenched with everyone. I’m kind of a part of the landscape, so my relationship with them is a very strong one. Whereas the host role has got to be a little bit step back and a little bit more objective, I suppose,” he continued, also adding that he’s game to help out in whatever role he’s needed in. “I don’t really know how I would do stepping into that role. Whatever Bachelor Nation wants and what ABC wants, I’m happy to do.”

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