Zach Shallcross’ Bachelor Winner Identified

Bachelor 2023 Winner Confirmation

Heavy/ABC The winner of "The Bachelor" 2023 season has been confirmed.

The finale for Zach Shallcross’ season of “The Bachelor” is just days away, and viewers are eager to see how this season ends. On March 20, fans watched Shallcross head to the Fantasy Suites with his final three women, and the action took a wild turn in Thailand. Initially, Shallcross shared that he felt strongly it would be best if sex was off the table during the overnight dates. However, he did not stick with that plan when he had his second overnight date with Gabi Elnicki, and that rattled his final overnight date recipient, Kaity Biggar. His decision also had “The Bachelor” fans buzzing about previous spoilers regarding Shallcross’ final rose pick, and gossip guru Reality Steve shared an update in his March 20 podcast.

Warning! Major “The Bachelor” spoilers ahead!

Zach Shallcross Slept With Gabi Elnicki, But Doesn’t Choose Her in the End

“The Bachelor” spoilers had revealed ahead of the overnight date episode that Shallcross would falter during at least one of his overnight dates and have sex with one of the women. Many fans speculated that if he only slept with one woman, it would almost certainly be the one he intended to pick at his final rose ceremony. Once it became known he slept with Elnicki, and confessed to Biggar about it, spoiled “Bachelor” fans wondered if earlier spoilers were wrong.

Spoiler king Reality Steve previously revealed that Shallcross chose Biggar at the final rose ceremony. Given how the March 20 episode played out, some fans wondered if Reality Steve had it wrong. A number of others noted they felt Shallcross really made a mess of it all.

“So he chooses Gabi, right? Because no way he doing all this truth telling and sh*t to pick someone else. How’d that work for Clayton?” one “Bachelor” fan questioned on Twitter.

“SPOILER ALERT for #TheBachelor Gabi is really going to have a complex about being 2nd now,” another Twitter user noted.

“Him being overly moralistic and publicly declaring it being a no sex week was just a bad call,” detailed someone on “The Bachelor” subreddit.

“Leave it to this man to take something simple and make it way more messy [than] it needs to be,” read another tweet about Shallcross and the overnight dates.

Shallcross & Kaity Biggar Are Engaged & Together

In his March 20 podcast, Reality Steve noted he did not know which woman Shallcross slept with during the overnight dates. Despite that, he remained confident in his previous spoilers regarding the final rose ceremony. He did not waver in sharing that Shallcross picked Biggar, and the two got engaged. In addition, he revealed their current status.

“I would think it’s Kaity” Shallcross slept with in the Fantasy Suite, Reality Steve detailed, “since we know that he gets engaged to her at the end and they are still engaged right now.” He reiterated that ending and current status in the podcast, stating, “He chose Kaity, they’re engaged, they got engaged in Thailand, they’re still engaged to this day.”

During the March 27 finale, “The Bachelor” viewers will see the last-chance dates and the final rose ceremony, as well as a live “After the Final Rose” update. What went down in the Fantasy Suites, and afterward, will surely come up during the “ATFR” and fans will be eager to hear from Shallcross, Biggar, and Elnicki now that some time has passed since filming wrapped up.