VIDEO: ‘The Voice’ 23 Coaches Perform ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’

Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Blake Shelton

The Voice / YouTube Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Blake Shelton

“The Voice” season 23 is less than a week away, premiering on Monday, March 6 at 8 p.m. Eastern. To celebrate the new season, the four coaches – Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, and Niall Horan – sat down on the set for a performance of Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, which was posted to “The Voice” YouTube channel on March 2.

See the performance below.

‘The Voice’ Season 23 Premieres Monday, March 6

The four coaches sat in a small circle during the performance, surrounded by a full band that included piano, guitar, bass, drums, and background vocalists. The stage also included multiple overlapping carpets laid out under the coaches and drumset.

The coaches all traded lines during the song, coming in all together on the last chorus. Blake and Niall shared some laughs during the performance, as the two would jokingly share looks on their lines, pretending to sing the love song to each other. At the end of the performance, Blake spun his handheld microphone around in his hand. Chance tried to copy the move, but dropped his microphone, causing the drummer to play a rimshot while Chance said, “Teach me your ways, Blake”.

Fans loved the laid-back and fun-filled performance and took to the YouTube video’s comment section to share their thoughts.

“OMG! Their voices blend so perfectly. Kelly’s vocals are no joke. Niall has a sweet voice & Chance rasp give me goosebumps. Having eargasm from this”, one fan commented.

“Wowowowowowow. Once lore they scored big time. Kelly was flawless as usual, Blake put his spin on everything, Niall has a great tone, and honestly Chance ate that up with the raspy gravelly tone. So good,” another fan wrote.

“OMG! They sound so great together. Blake singing to Niall is so on brand. Chance sings so well for a rapper with that great whispery rasp. Kelly is simply the QUEEN. I’m so excited for this season!!!” a third fan added.

Although no episodes have aired yet, it’s clear from sneak peeks that Niall and Blake have formed a fast friendship, with Blake saying in a promo, “Even though he’s a threat, I feel a father-son type of bond with Niall… mostly because he disappoints me a lot.” Niall has also practiced his Blake Shelton impression, showing it off in a February 22 appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, saying “This is my last season on ‘The Voice’, I want you to be on my team, and I hate Kelly Clarkson,” in his best Southern accent.

‘The Voice’ 23 Features a Brand New Format Change

Season 23 of “The Voice” brings a few format changes with it from season 22. The biggest change is the Playoff Pass. Each coach will have one Playoff Pass during the Battle rounds, and similar to the Save from season 22, the Playoff Pass allows both acts to move on from a Battle, however, the coach that uses their Playoff Pass will get to grant one of these two acts the power to skip the Knockouts and advance right to the Live Playoffs. In addition to the Playoff Pass, each coach will have one Steal during the Battles.

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