WATCH: Fantastic ‘The Voice’ Battle Forces John Legend to Make Tough Choice

The Voice Battles


Battle rounds on NBC’s The Voice continued during the April 12, 2021 episode of season 20, leaving coaches having to make tough decisions about which contestants would be moving forward onto the “Knockout” rounds.

After the battle between John Legend’s team members Deion Warren and Victor Solomon, only Blake Shelton would give Legend advice about who he should choose to move on to the next round based on the performance. Nick Jonas and Kelsea Ballerini, who was sitting in for Kelly Clarkson because she was at home sick, both said it was too close for them to choose.

The singers performed a soulful, dance-heavy performance of Usher’s “U Got It Bad.”

Jonas Joked That He Would Steal Dance Moves From the Contestants

During the Blind Auditions round of the competition, Jonas was one of the coaches who fought to have both of the contestants on his team, and this time around, he mostly just wanted to steal their dance moves alongside Shelton.

“There’s really no better way to get your point across than to squat down on the stage,” Shelton said after the battle was over. “It’s like people really pay attention when you get down and squat, it’s like, ‘Oh, man, what’s he talking about?'”

Shelton added that he heard pitch issues in Deion Warren’s performance that he didn’t think were present in Victor Solomon’s, and for that reason, he suggested that Legend choose Solomon to move forward into the next round of the competition.

He also told Jonas that they needed to work some of Solomon and Warren’s dance moves into their next project.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Jonas replied.

Legend joked that he was the dance consultant for the performance, though he later made sure the other coaches knew that he had nothing to do with the dance part of the performance.

Ballerini & Jonas Couldn’t Choose a Clear Winner & Left Legend to Make the Choice Himself

While Shelton was open to giving Legend some advice, the other coaches weren’t as forthcoming with theirs.

“I turned my chair for both of you guys in the blind auditions, and you just reminded me why…” Jonas told them. “Anyway, you’re both unbelievable, your vocals were absolutely top-notch. Each time one of you rose up and did something that was spectacular, the other one found a way to do something special as well. I am not making a recommendation. I love both of you guys, and John, I feel bad for you.”

Ballerini said she felt like she was at a concert during the performance and she never wanted it to end.

“It’s incredible, and I’m not gonna pick one, I’m sorry,” she told Legend.

Since it was all up to Legend, he was the one with the final say. First, he told the men that he was proud of their performances, especially when it came to their stage presence.

“And, my God, you went beyond and exceeded my expectations,” Legend shared. “It was a fantastic performance. It made me feel so proud because it was so entertaining.”

At the end of the day, Legend chose to continue on with Victor Solomon, sending Deion home. Though he was available to be stolen or saved, none of the coaches pressed the button for him.

The Voice airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on NBC.

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