Historic Change to ‘The Voice’ Coaching Panel Draws Mixed Fan Reactions

The Voice

Heavy/NBC NBC's "The Voice" is making a historic change to its coaching panel

Big changes are coming to “The Voice” and fans have some big feelings about the news. On June 22, 2023, NBC revealed on social media that during season 25 — which will premiere in the spring of 2024 — the talent competition will feature five instead of four celebrity coaches for the first time in the show’s history.

“The Voice” had already announced its season 24 judging panel for the fall of 2023, which features Niall Horan, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Reba McEntire, who’s taking over for longtime coach Blake Shelton. That group will compete with one another on the show this fall.

But come spring, only two of those coaches will return — McEntire and Legend. According to a press release from NBC, they’ll be joined by Chance The Rapper, who just wrapped his first season of the show and is taking a break this fall, as he returns for season 25 — and not one but two brand new coaches. “The Voice” will feature a new “Double Chair” next year to be shared by Shay Mooney and Dan Smyers, best known as the country duo Dan+Shay.

Across social media, fans had strong opinions about the 2024 lineup, from people who were overjoyed to people who were so upset they vowed to boycott the show. Here’s what you need to know:

Addition of Dan+Shay to ‘The Voice’ Draws Mixed Reactions

Fan reaction to the coaching changes was swift and loud on social media, whether people were excited or devastated. Many people were thrilled to hear about the addition of Dan+Shay, who served as advisors to Shelton on “The Voice” during season 20.

One fan reacting to the show’s announcement on Instagram commented, “Ahhhh!!!!! OMG this is the best news ever received ever.”


But not everyone was so happy about the duo’s addition, with some complaining that having two country music teams on the panel is too much.

For instance, one fan on Instagram wrote, “Two country coaches? No thanks. I’m out.”

Another replied to the post on Twitter by writing, “NO More Country Voice! And 4 males 1 female coaches?”

On “The Voice” Facebook page, a frustrated viewer wrote, “Just change the name to Country Voice already. Put it on CMT where it belongs. Over it. AND…I like country. But this is overkill. I’m thought maybe the show had a shot of being more fair now that Blake is FINALLY gone. But no. They are catering to the country fans.”

Another upset fan who wasn’t familiar with the chart-topping “Speechless” singers commented via Instagram, “literally WHO? You used to have global superstars omg The Voice Flop Era.”

Meanwhile, countless fans of pop star Niall Horan were confused and annoyed by the announcement, with many thinking he’d been removed from season 24 this fall while others didn’t realize that because he recently announced a 2024 world tour, it would be too difficult to return for “The Voice” next spring.

On Twitter, one of his frustrated fans wrote, “WHAT THE I THOUGHT NIALL WAS GONNA BE THERE WHERE IS NIALL” while another tweeted, “Damnit, where’s @NiallOfficial ??!”

Social media users on every platform repeatedly attempted to calm down Horan’s fans, trying to explain why the former One Direction member wasn’t included in the season 25 coaching panel — and that he’s still on the show this fall.

McEntire and Legend’s continuation on the show didn’t create a great deal of buzz on social media, but the impending return of Chance The Rapper seemed to be the one move that a majority of fans were genuinely excited about. On each platform, many viewers shared that they’d come to love him as a coach during season 23 for his authenticity and perspective and are excited to see him come back.

One happy fan on Instagram wrote, “@chancetherapper you’re a freaking genius. I never knew you before this last season. Not only is your music production the bomb, you are so grounded, clear, honest, and hilarious.”

Another wrote, “So happy Chance is coming back, love this guy”

‘The Voice’ Coaches Say They’re Pumped for Season 25

The five judges who will come together for season 25 in 2024 also took to social media to share their excitement. On Instagram, each of them reposted NBC’s video of their names being revealed on the back of one of the judge chairs.

On McEntire’s post, she wrote, “Because one season just wasn’t enough…so excited to be a part of #TheVoice 2024 coaches with @danandshay, @johnlegend, and @chancetherapper!”

On Chance The Rapper’s post, he wrote, “TEAM CHANCE is back on #TheVoice in 2024!”

Sorelle, the trio of sisters who made it to the season 23 finale on his team, replied, “Always Team Chance🔥”

Dan+Shay used all caps to share their excitement, writing, “SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE WILL BE JOINING @nbcthevoice IN 2024 AS THE FIRST COACHING DUO! 🤠🤠”

Meanwhile, Legend kept it simple, writing, “#TheVoice Season 25 coming 2024! #VoteTeamLegend2024”

NBC has not yet provided specific premiere dates for either season 24 or season 25 of “The Voice,” but has said the series will continue to air on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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