SNEAK PEEK: ‘The Voice’ Posts Upcoming Battle

Gwen Stefani struggles to choose a winner

The Voice / YouTube Gwen Stefani struggles to choose a winner

“The Voice” returns this Monday and Tuesday at 8p.m. Eastern on NBC, and will pick up in the middle of the Battle Rounds. So far, 11 singers have been eliminated, three coaches have used their Save, and two have used their Steal.

Ahead of this Monday’s episode, “The Voice” has shared a sneak peek at one of the Battles between Team Gwen members Alyssa Witrado and Ian Harrison to Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”.

See the video, and who fans predict will win, below.

Alyssa Witrado vs. Ian Harrison: Who Do Fans Think Will Win?


The stakes are high for this battle, as Coach Gwen Stefani has already used her Save this season, on Destiny Leigh. Whichever of Alyssa Witrado or Ian Harrison loses this battle must try to impress John Legend, the only other coach with a Steal remaining.

The two trade lines in the verse and chorus, and end the song riffing in harmony. John Legend calls the duo “so freakin’ cool!”, compliments the depth in Ian’s voice, and calls Alyssa “pretty much flawless”. Blake Shelton disagreed, saying Alyssa “stayed in her lane” while Ian gave more shock factor, which he admired. Camila Cabello prefers Alyssa’s performance but gives Ian credit as well.

Coach Gwen compliments Ian’s high notes and says she wants to be Alyssa when she grows up. She admits the decision is difficult and says she was not expecting to be leaning the way she is at the end of the battle.

Gwen’s ultimate decision will not be revealed until Monday night’s episode of “The Voice”, but fans have some thoughts of their own.

Fans were split on who they thought should win this battle. One fan wrote on YouTube, “I thought I was going to pick Alyssa because she is such an amazing vocalist, but honestly Ian not only shocked me in a way like, ‘Hey where did you come from?’ But I loved his range and tone. By the end, I would pick Ian. I do hope they both go through though.”

“Alyssa is a beast! In my opinion though, this song was catered to her and fit her so much more. Now Ian brought it went he went up the octave, but she was killing from the moment she opened her mouth! She can do well with the right songs! She’s a pop princess in the making,” wrote another fan.

Alyssa Witrado Auditioned With a Gwen Stefani Song

Both “Voice” contestants had multiple judges turn their chairs in their auditions, and in the end, chose to be on Team Gwen.

Alyssa Witrado, the 19-year-old from California, auditioned with “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt, a song first written and performed by coach Gwen Stefani. Alyssa’s voice had coaches Gwen and Camila turn their chairs only eight words into the song. Camila joked she felt like the audition was “rigged”, as Alyssa admitted to loving Gwen. It became evident that Alyssa would choose Gwen as her coach, and Gwen was happy to have her.

Ian Harrison, the 20-year-old from Ohio, was slower to get a judge to press their button than Alyssa, but by the end of the performance, he had chair turns from Blake Shelton, Lohn Legend, and Gwen Stefani.

Gwen admitted to getting nervous because Ian “perked up” when talking to Blake, but she was able to persuade him by describing her “homemade” background in music and willingness to help teach him about making a career in music. Gwen was thrilled when Ian chose her to be his coach.

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