Nick Jonas Reveals How He Trained His Mind & Body for ‘the Voice’ Season 20

Nick Jonas The Voice

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Nick Jonas returns to The Voice for the monumental season 20, and he revealed in a new promotion how, exactly, he’s been training for the new season with hopes of beating the longest-tenured coach Blake Shelton.

The promotion started out with host Carson Daly introducing the four coaches, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and returning coach Nick Jonas. Daly asks Jonas what he’s been doing to prepare for the new season, and he replied in a way that made it clear he came back only to beat Shelton.

“Make sure I come with a fire in my eyes that really scares each and every one of these coaches,” Jonas said at first.

In the promo, Jonas shares that he’ll take “any chance [he] can just to criticize” the other coaches.

“John, I’m coming for you,” Jonas says. “Blake, buddy, you know I love you. But also, I’m coming for you. Kelly, I’ve missed you, but I also am excited to crush you. So get ready. Season 20 of The Voice.” 

Jonas Has Been Preparing for His Return

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The promotion goes through categories of Jonas’s training, starting with how he trained his body for a return to the big red chair.

“I’ve been doing a lot of this exercise in the gym,” Jonas says while putting his hand up and down like he would be hitting the button. “I don’t know what you call that. It’s a shoulder raise, but only to about eight inches and back down just to make sure that I’m physically prepared as well as mentally prepared for pushing that button.”

The promo then shows a video shot by Jonas talking about heading to another day of Blind Auditions and hoping to get more “incredible” artists on his team.

Jonas Honed His ‘Psychological Warfare’ Ahead of Season 20

Jonas says in the promotion that he honed his mind for the season as well.

“I have really honed in on my psychological warfare,” he shared. “Just really trying to think of new innovative ways to take on that kind of mental aspect of this game, and I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve, that’s all I’ll say.”

He said he’s working on a few new vocal exercises including “shut up, Blake” and “stop talking, Blake!”

“Just really opens up the lower part of my register,” he shared.

The clip then shows a video from Blind Auditions where Jonas says he thought the coaches were going to play nice with him but it turned out that “Blake is a bully.”

He also said he’d been working on his ear protection from Kelly, saying that she can be very loud.

“So I just have to know when to cover my ears, these are precious to me,” he shared. “I wouldn’t want them to not be there anymore because of the screaming.”

Jonas first shared that he would be returning to The Voice in November 2020, sharing a promotional video on his Instagram page and writing, “Warriors never sleep. I’m back and ready to win this thing.”

The Voice season 20 premieres on March 1, 2021 on NBC.

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