Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Own Red Flags

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“The Voice” coach Kelly Clarkson is getting better at spotting red flags. Not only has the “Kelly Clarkson Show” host been retroactively discovering red flags in her relationship with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, Clarkson has also released a single from her upcoming studio album, “Chemistry” (which comes out on June 23), on the subject, titled “Red Flag Collector”.

In a June 10 TikTok video, Clarkson used a popular filter on the platform to reveal three of her own red flags (which were chosen at random by the filter), going on to discuss which of the three options actually apply and what some of her other red flags may be in relationships.

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Red Flags in Relationships

The three red flags Clarkson was assigned by the TikTok filter were “cancels plans”, “vegan”, and “mansplains”. As these flags were revealed, Clarkson reacted to whether or not they were a good fit for her, and whether or not they would be dealbreakers in a partner of hers.

“Cancels plans, hmm. Vegan, doesn’t bother me. Oh, mansplains? Boo! That’s annoying,” Clarkson decided, “Those aren’t mine. [Cancels plans] may be mine. I said [mine] the other day, I think my red flags are liar, somebody that projects their own issues on you, and someone that doesn’t have friends. You know what I’m saying? No friends? Why do you not?”

Many TikTok users reacted to Clarkson’s video in the comment section, with multiple fans left unsure whether Clarkson was sharing the biggest red flags that applied to herself, or rather the biggest red flags that she looks to avoid in a partner.

“The fact that Kelly misunderstood the assignment is so wholesome 😂 🥰” one user commented.

“Lol I love you but I don’t think you understood the assignment 😂 these are supposed to be like your own red flags like YOU cancel plans 😂,” another fan added.

Clarkson shared the video to Instagram as well, where one user assigned her a lighthearted red flag in the comment section. “Your biggest red flag is ‘not announcing a European tour since over 10 years.’ 🙌” the fan wrote.

Kelly Clarkson Will Not Be Going on Tour to Support ‘Chemistry’

Despite one fan calling her out for not announcing an upcoming tour, Clarkson has made it clear  that with her busy talk show, album release, and motherhood schedules, she currently has no tour dates set and is not keeping any secrets or surprises from fans.

“People are saying: ‘Are you going on tour?’ Here’s the thing. This is why I announced the 10 shows in Vegas. I was not being like, ‘Oh, it’s a secret — we’ve really got this huge tour we’re gonna do right after.’ It’s not that situation,” Clarkson said in a June 2 Instagram Live, “I don’t know if y’all noticed, but I have like a 9 to 5-er. Like, I have a job that’s like a lot of work and takes time. And I also have kids, you know? They’re in school.”

Clarkson had previously confirmed her plans for a 10-show Las Vegas residency, “Chemistry… an Intimate Night with Kelly Clarkson” which is set to play for multiple weekends in July and August at the Bakkt Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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