Russian Dolls on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues: Hanson Vs. Jonas Brothers

Russian Dolls Masked Singer Hanson

FOX The Russian Dolls contestant on The Masked Singer.

UPDATE: The Russian Dolls were revealed to be music trio Hanson.

Season 5 of The Masked Singer has five remaining contestants in the mix, but one of the acts is made up of three people. The Russian Dolls consist of three celebrities, which has led fans to believe the three are either a music trio, a group of family members, or both.

Fans are split over the top 2 guesses. Are the Russian Dolls the Jonas Brothers or Hanson?

According to several sources, including Gold Derby, Refinery29, and Cosmopolitan, the Russian Dolls are the Hanson Brothers. But, there are still many fans who believe the dolls are the Jonas men.

Why Fans Think the Russian Dolls Are the Jonas Brothers

Russian Dolls Masked Singer

FOXRussian Dolls in “The Quarter Finals – Five Fan Favorites!” episode of “The Masked Singer.”

There have been viewers who have guessed that the Russian Dolls are the Jonas Brothers. One Twitter user wrote on April 21, 2021, “I’ve known it for weeks the Russian Dolls are the Jonas brothers and I’m STANDING BY THEM.” Another user tweeted on March 26, 2021, “Watching the #TheMaskedSinger I’m CONVINCED the Russian dolls are the Jonas Brothers. My reasons: Nick was rushed to the hospital as an early teen when he was diagnosed w/diabetes. They broke up & are now back together. Harmonies are Fire. They’re POP. There’s a 4th.”

When it comes to the “4th” clue, this clue could be about Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas’ brother Frankie. According to Today, Frankie has been referred to as the “Bonus Jonas”, which is something he “always hated.” Joe Jonas spoke with Today and revealed, “I refused to call Frankie ‘Bonus Jonas’ after he opened up to me about how that was hurtful to him. It completely makes sense, and we’ve had lengthy conversations and apologies behind closed doors that showcased my understanding and respect for his wishes. I think to feel like you are second, third, or fourth best from something is unfair; we are all equals.”

One of the other clues that makes fans think the Jonas Brothers are disguised as the dolls has to do with a clue from week 1 of the show. Week 1’s clues featured a Garden State Highway sign and the Jonas Brothers hail from New Jersey.

The Most Clues Point to Hanson

Hanson is a boy band trio, made up of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Their break out single “MMMbop” was released in 1997 and the three singers became an instant hit. Now it looks like the three brothers may be singing in costume on the Fox network. The most clues point to the Hanson Brothers being the Russian Dolls. Here are a few:

– One of the dolls said, “Mmm, those were the days.” Entertainment Weekly reported that this could be a play on “Mmmbop.”

– The Cluedle-Doo, which is a disguised participant on the show who reveals clues, stated that the Russian Dolls could have “15 replicas”. Gold Derby reported that the three brothers have 15 children between them.

Entertainment Weekly reported that there was a clue about a health scare. Isaac Hanson suffered a pulmonary embolism, following a performance in 2007, according to Billboard. Isaac had a blood clot that was in his arm and he was taken to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where he underwent surgery to free him of it. Isaac’s brother Zac told Tulsa World at the time, that this wasn’t Isaac’s first experience with a blood clot.

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