Sasha Allen Says He’s Adjusting His Singing Technique After Voice Drop

Sasha Allen

NBC Sasha Allen performing on 'The Voice.'

Sasha Allen and his father Jim Allen made it to the semifinals on season 21 of “The Voice.”

In doing so, Sasha became the first openly transgender person to make it to that point in the competition in the show’s history. After the season ended, Sasha talked to Ellen DeGeneres about his experience coming out.

“I came out the summer before a sophomore year and it was a really hard experience,” he said. “But there’s not really a choice in the matter of coming out because…you can’t really live with that pain anymore, you just have to be yourself.”

In a January 18 tweet, Sasha explained that his voice has deepened recently, forcing him to adapt his singing technique accordingly. “Stressed bc my voice dropped and now i have to adjust my singing technique ;(,” he tweeted.

In a YouTube Q&A, a fan asked Sasha how long he had been taking testosterone. “I was a junior in high school but my doctor had my levels really wrong so like basically not until like the end of senior year which is depressing,” he said. “But I’ve been on it for quite a while now,” he added, estimating that it had been at least three or four years.

Sasha Said He and His Father Had ‘A Lot of Disagreements’ About ‘The Voice’

Sasha answered questions about his experience on “The Voice” in the Q&A as well, saying that his coach on the show, Ariana Grande, treated the members of her teams more like friends than mentees. “I feel like we could casually hang out, that’s very much the vibe,” he said of Grande.

He also revealed that he and his dad frequently disagreed on song choices for “The Voice.” “We are from two different generations,” Sasha explained. “There are a lot of disagreements behind the scenes. We really pull it together when we get onstage.” The 20-year-old revealed on Twitter that his father made a Cameo, a site that allows public figures to send personalized messages to their fans. “My dad made a cameo and i have no idea what to expect,” Sasha tweeted.

In the Q&A, Sasha also told fans what Ed Sheeran, who appeared as a mentor on season 21 of “The Voice,” is like. “He’s super chill and sweet. He’s just like incredibly chill…I think he’s probably the most down-to-earth celebrity on this planet,” he said.

Who Is Sasha Allen’s Girlfriend?

Sasha is currently in a romantic relationship with a woman named Brynn. On December 21, 2021, he shared an Instagram photo of him kissing Brynn on the cheek. He tagged her as @barredoutbaby, a private Instagram page with zero posts.

In his YouTube Q&A, a fan asked Sasha when fans can expect “more Brynn content.” He replied, “um when she lets me take more pics of her.” On January 6, Sasha tweeted pictures of him posing with a cake, writing, “brynn and i made this cake.”

As soon as fans of Sasha saw Brynn, they became fans of her. “OKAY BUT BRYNN IS SO PRETTY,” one Twitter user replied to a photo Sasha tweeted of them together. “Only follow u in hopes of brynn content, literally the most beautiful person,” another user said.

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