‘The Voice’ Season 21 Winner Predictions: Who Will Take Home The Title?

The Voice Season 21

NBC "The Voice" season 21

There are only a few weeks left of NBC’sThe Voice” season 21, which means the pool of contestants is being narrowed down. The winner is now one of the 13 remaining artists on the show.

Blake Shelton has won the most seasons out of all of the coaches, but a wrench was thrown into his formula when megastar Ariana Grande joined the show. Because of how eliminations work with the teams being whittled down evenly, viewers can’t be sure which coach is getting the most support from their fans until the finale.

In all likelihood, the winning contestant will be from either Team Blake or Team Ariana. Both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend have incredibly talented artists on their teams, but they may not get the same amount of support from fans of the show.

Here’s who we think are the most likely winners from each team:

Team Blake: Wendy Moten

This is the most likely scenario for season 21. Wendy Moten is already a professional singer, which has caused some fans to say that the season of “The Voice” is unfair.

Moten had a single called “Come In Out of the Rain” chart in the UK in 1994. It also peaked at number 5 on the adult contemporary charts in 1993.

On top of all that, Moten has just had an incredible run on the show, and fans are continually impressed with the way that she sounds on stage. Plus, plenty of fans have no idea about her history on stage and on the charts, so they will continue to vote for her since she’s such a good performer.

Both of the other Team Blake contestants have good chances of winning as well. Paris Winningham has been a favorite all season, and Lana Scott is the only country artist left on the show, which is rare.

Team Ariana: Jim and Sasha Allen

Team Ariana seemed really stacked going into the live shows, and her contestants have delivered, but many fans were surprised to see both Vaughn Mugol and Bella DeNapoli be eliminated during the first live results show of the season.

Father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen likely got the most votes from America when it comes to Team Ariana, seeing as they were announced safe first on her team. That bodes well for the rest of the competition since it’s only a few weeks, and they’re also very talented.

On the other hand, Ryleigh Plank could pull through with the win, but it’s difficult to say since she was the one contestant saved by Grande at the end of the first round of live performances, which meant she did not have the same amount of votes as Jim and Sasha Allen or Holly Forbes.

Team Kelly: Girl Named Tom

Generally, groups do not do as well on “The Voice” as the individual acts for whatever reason, but Girl Named Tom keeps delivering on the performances, and fans on social media are constantly singing their praises.

That means they definitely have a dedicated fanbase and could pull through all the way to the finale with those numbers, ultimately coming away with the win.

Team Legend: Jershika Maple

Team Legend has some of the most incredibly talented artists on “The Voice” season 21, but we’re not sure if they have what it takes to beat out some of the top contenders from the rest of the teams.

We’re saying we think that if Team Legend wins, then it will be with Jershika Maple. She’s had some of the most screen time of all the contestants, and she definitely knows how to choose songs that connect with the audience, which will help her when it comes to votes for the rest of the competition.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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