Fans Are Split Ahead Of ‘The Voice’ Finale

The Top 5 'The Voice' contestants.

NBC The Top 5 'The Voice' contestants.

With part two of “The Voice” season finale just hours away, fans are undecided on who should be crowned the winner. After Monday’s live performances, it’s now up to the fans to decide which contestant will come out on top. But for some, the result will be “anticlimactic” no matter who wins.

After last week’s surprising elimination, “The Voice” viewers are ready to expect anything. On December 18, the Top 5 made their case for being declared the champion. Out of the 56 contestants that began the season, only Huntley (Team Niall), Ruby Leigh (Team Reba), Mara Justine (Team Niall), Lila Forde (Team John Legend), and Jacquie Roar (Team Reba) remain.

With months of hard work behind them, one artist will soon join the previous 23 winners of “The Voice.”

The Favored ‘The Voice’ Contestants’ Finale Performances


Huntley has been determined to be the favorite to win it all by Gold Derby. As of December 18, his odds of winning were set at 39/50. For his first live performance, Huntley opted to sing “Another Love” by Tom Odell. Niall Horan was very proud of Huntley’s ability to be consistent week after week. “It is so hard to be consistent every week and show different sides of yourself like you did there,” Horan said.

For his second performance, Huntley opted to sing “Higher” from Creed. Coach John Legend praised Huntley’s ability to carry himself like a professional. “You’re like watching somebody who’s already playing arenas. You are such a pro, such a star out there,” Legend said.

In the YouTube comments section, one fan couldn’t help but agree with Niall and Legend. “It’s called “The Voice” for a reason. Huntley has proven to be consistent the whole season,” they wrote.

On Reddit, another fan was less impressed. “Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in everyone,” the user wrote. “Huntley was Huntley but never really surprised in any way. He just continued to do what he did and did it well.”

Ruby Leigh

As the second favorite to win, Ruby Leigh has offered many impressive performances throughout the season. For her first live performance, Ruby Leigh sang “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis Presley. Legend was left impressed with her maturity. “You are so remarkable, Ruby,” Legend said. “I’ve been a fan from the very beginning. Your voice has so much heft, maturity, and it feels so strong. It’s remarkable.”

One fan on YouTube noted Ruby Leigh’s strong voice and stage presence. “Her ability to play with that big of a band kit and still be the energy that commands the room is just incredible,” they wrote.

For her second live performance, Ruby Leigh sang “Desperado.” by The Eagles. For one fan on Instagram, they were left unimpressed by what they consider to be a lackluster performance. “These singers are boring. Bring back Mac,” the fan wrote.

Trying To Play Catch Up

Mara Justine

With 9/1 odds, Mara Justine has been a steady performer this season. She has gathered a strong following and has become a fan favorite. For her first live performance on Monday, she decided to go with Adele’s “Turning Tables.” For Horan, he couldn’t have been happier with Mara Justine. “I am so proud of you. I really hope when America goes to vote, they don’t forget this moment,” he said. “You are an incredible singer. I hope you go on to win this thing.”

One Instagram user saw all they needed to crown her the future winner. “Ok like its not even a debate anymore… Mara is just too good.. she will be the winner for sure,” they wrote.

For her second song, Mara Justine went with “A Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin. Her song choice was a big hit with Horan. “Wow, wow, wow. That was absolutely crazy,” he remarked. “That went into the stratosphere. That was the perfect song for this moment.”

On Reddit, one user admitted that she wasn’t their favorite, but they couldn’t ignore her ability. “Mara may have pulled this off with Piece of My Heart, I still just don’t connect with her but that was spot on song choice for to do her Mara thing,” they wrote.

Lila Forde

At 18/1 odds, Lila Forde had a bit of ground to catch up in “The Voice” finale. For her first live performance, she went with “The Weight” by The Band. Her performance caught the eye of Coach Gwen Stefani. “You know I’m your fan,” she said. “There’s something about you that has so much confidence. You just get better and better. You’re just weird enough that I believe you.”

Lila Forde’s song choice wasn’t a win for one Instagram fan. “It hurts that Nini is at home right now and we are listening to this … :)))))” they wrote.

Lila Forde chose the classic “Across the Universe” by The Beatles for her second performance. A move that won over Legend. “I felt like we were transported. It was heavenly, cinematic, transcendent,” he said. “It was the last thing America needs to hear from you before they vote. This is you. It was so beautiful. The way you glided across the song was magical.”

One user on Reddit agreed with Legend, but they had doubts about her song choice. “I liked Lila a lot tonight but feel like the song choices will hurt her a lot,” they wrote.

Jacquie Roar

At 25/1 odds, Jacquie Roar has the most ground to catch up among the contestants. Singing Boston’s “More Than a Feeling,” Roar looked to hit viewers in their feelings. Coach Reba McEntire believed that she did just that. “You know that old saying, ‘Go big or go home,’ you went big. Way to go. I am so happy for you,” McEntire said.

For one Instagram fan, Roar may have went a little too big. “I thought she was a possible winner until this last song. Too much screaming and out of tune,” the fan wrote.

In her final performance, Jacquie Roar sang The Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin.” The song choice resonated with Stefani. “I don’t even have words after that. It was great and it got better and better,” she said. “The amount of air it takes to do that, you must be on the treadmill all day.”

On Reddit, one user had a mixed opinion on Jacquie Roar’s finale performance. “Jacquie was great to me on Nights In White Satin (or is it Knights?) but I did not like her first song choice at all and it felt uneven,” they wrote.

The Voice finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC when the winner of season 24 will be revealed.