Chance The Rapper Returning To ‘The Voice’ Has Fans Hyped

Chance The Rapper on 'The Voice'

NBC Chance The Rapper on 'The Voice'

On December 1, NBC announced that Chance The Rapper will make his return to “The Voice” as a Top 12 mentor this season. The Chicago-based hip-hop artist hasn’t been around the show for too long. But he quickly became a fan favorite during his stint as a coach in Season 23. So when it was revealed in June that he would be returning as a coach in Season 25, fans were ecstatic. With the news that Chance The Rapper will be coming back even sooner, fans of “The Voice” have flocked to social media to share their excitement.

When it was announced that Chance The Rapper would be joining “The Voice” in Season 23, he could barely hold back his own excitement. “I’m thrilled to join ‘The Voice” as a coach for [Season 23],” Chance The Rapper said in a statement. “I’m excited to help other artists get to the next level and make the most of this life-changing experience. Get ready for #TeamChance.”

“I wanted to be a coach on “The Voice” because I like giving platforms to young Artists. Especially people who are already seasoned in their trade and know what they’re doing but just need the right spotlight. I wanted to be a part of the process,” he told “NBC Insider.”

With Chance The Rapper’s return, the remaining contestants will now have their chance to make the most of that life-changing experience.

Fans Are Excited About Chance The Rapper’s Return To ‘The Voice’

In a riff on the “Pass the phone” TikTok trend, each of the current “The Voice” coaches passed the phone to one another. By the time the phone reached Niall Horan, he made a quick announcement. “I’m passing the phone to the Season 24, Top 12 mentor,” Horan said as he passed the phone to Chance The Rapper.

“Oh, surprise, surprise. I’m back!” Chance The Rapper said while laughing. For most fans of “The Voice,” the surprise is certainly a welcome one.

“Couldn’t have picked a better mentor. Multi-talented, he has class, morals, a toolbox of stuff for the kids to grow with for their future. He’s a hell of a young man. They are very, very blessed Chance is a special young man,” wrote one fan.

“Yaaayyyy!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chance the Rapper!!!” wrote another excited fan.

“Hey @chancetherapper !! You were missed this season!!” a fan wrote in a third comment.

Chance The Rapper Found A ‘Real Connection’ on ‘The Voice’

Chance The Rapper made headlines in June 2023 when he confessed that he actually signed up to join “The Voice” due to a misunderstanding. In an interview with “Audacy Check In,” the Grammy-winner said that he thought he was going to be a celebrity judge like in other talent competitions. When he finally realized that his role was actually to be a hands-on coach advising the contestants on his team, he was shocked.

“Being honest, I didn’t know that you got to be with the artists like this,” he admitted. “Because I did a show before. It was amazing because there’s so much original music but you don’t (spend time with the contestants).” You really are like, coaching these artists and working with them and finding out their inspirations and music they grew up listening to. It’s like a real connection that you have, that was different,” he continued.

For Chance The Rapper, the process of interacting with the contestants took him back to his early days. “So getting to work with them on, like, new pieces of music. Arranging songs and really just, like, getting to enjoy music, like having fun and jamming? It’s like a thing that I grew up doing!”

Fans can watch Chance The Rapper and the start of “The Voice” live shows on Monday, December 4, on NBC.