‘Voice’ Mentor Taylor Swift’s Secret Engagement Exposed

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Taylor Swift was a “Mega Mentor” for “The Voice” on seasons seven and 17.  Now she is mega-engaged, which she’s been keeping a mega-secret.

According to Metro, and numerous other outlets, the superstar has actually been engaged for several months to actor, Joe Alwyn. However, the pair was keeping it a secret because they did not want their private love to be a public spectacle.

A Confidence Betrayed?

Metro reports they only revealed the news recently to a close circle of friends and family, who they swore to secrecy. However, one of those loved ones let the cat out of the bag anyway, and leaked the information to The Sun.

The anonymous source, who is apparently a close friend of Alwyn’s, told The Sun that Swift’s 31-year-old suitor bought her a ring months ago, but she has only been wearing it “behind closed doors.” The source added that “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy, and very, very in love.”

Ironically, the source who broke the news told The Sun, “They want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible. This is just for them. And if and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any Vogue, Rolling Stone or Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant — like them.”

Swift and Alwyn have been in a relationship for five years. The Sun reports that they have kept their romance low key in terms of media exposure, only appearing on the red carpet together a few of times.  This is likely due to the media circus that has tended to surround Swift’s love life in the past; something the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer/songwriter helped fuel with her raw, honest lyrics.

Swift apparently learned her lesson and made a vow to keep her relationship with Alwyn as much out of the public eye as possible. According to The Sun, “Taylor regularly wanders around London wearing no make-up, a hoodie and trainers — and the couple consciously shun the showbiz scene.” Thanks to the anonymous source, that is most likely going to be extremely difficult now.

Neither Swift nor Alwyn have commented on the leaked news as of yet. Metro explains, “the closest either got to responding to engagement rumours was Joe suggesting in April that ‘if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say, and if the answer was no, I wouldn’t say.’”

Fan Reactions Vary

Twitter users were quick to weigh in on the news.  One wrote, “The divorce album is gonna be fire.” A similar reply read, “New ‘done me wrong’ song to be out in 3, 2, 1.”  A defender of the 32-year-old pop culture icon declared, “Male artists sing about their relationships all the time.  Stop your misogyny and your double standards. Respect Taylor Swift.”

On “The Voice,” Swift was dubbed the Mega Mentor as she helped the coaches in seasons 7 and 17 hone their teams. Coach Blake Shelton told People in 2019, just before Swift’s second stint, “The first season that she came on, she instantly knew what to say, knew what her job was and was great at it. This season, she brings even more experience to the table. It’s no accident that she’s the biggest star in the world. She’s not only talented, but she’s really smart.”  She would have to be, to keep news this big secret for so long.

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