‘Thankful’ ‘The Voice’ Top 10 Contestant ‘Trying to Process’ Elimination

The Voice

NBC "The Voice" top 10 contestants.

NBC’s “The Voice” season 22 is heading into the semi-finals, and that means there are only eight contestants remaining in the season. One eliminated contestant posted a heartfelt message to their fans after being sent home from the show.

Kique Gomez, who was eliminated during the Tuesday, November 29 episode of the show, thanked his fans for allowing him so much time to perform for them.

“It’s taken me a minute to post about leaving the show,” Gomez wrote on Instagram. “Trying to process the radical change I just went through is so much brain power. Now that I’ve had time to think I just want to reiterate how insanely thankful I am for my Voice family.”

He added, “I truly love you all so much. You have changed my life in so many ways.”

Gomez Thanked the Staff on ‘The Voice’

In the post, Gomez added that he wanted to thank everyone who worked on “The Voice,” not just the contestants he was competing against.

“When I say voice family I am referring not only to the other contestants but also the people that work on the show and the staff on set,” the artist wrote. “They work so hard behind the scenes to make this show happen and it is incredible to watch. This experience has taught me so much and has given me a platform to be myself and just share my music which is all I’ve ever wanted to do. To finish, this show was just the start. Expect some really good stuff to come soon like better than anything ever probably maybe not but also probably.”

Gomez was congratulated in the comment section, including by Parijita Bastola, who is a top 8 contestant. The two sparked dating rumors online earlier in the season after flirty social media comments.

“i love you 4 life,” she wrote on the post. Then, she commented, “You are my favorite human.”

Some Fans Think Gomez Was at a Disadvantage

Gomez performed virtually in a pre-recorded package for his last two performances on the show after testing positive for COVID-19.

After the first pre-recorded performance, some people took to Reddit to say they thought that having a pre-recorded performance like he did put him at a disadvantage against the other contestants.

“I mean, it definitely seems like a disadvantage to me. The context of a live show, the audience, the hype — a lot of performers thrive on this and perform better then in an empty room. And Kique really hasn’t shown any degree of performance anxiety / nerves so far this season, my bets are on him being one of these people who perform better live,” one person wrote.

Another said that it was impressive that he pulled through with the performance at all since he was sick with COVID.

The next night, Gomez had to perform virtually once again when he was placed in the Wildcard Instant Save round, and he was ultimately not voted through to the semi-finals. Kim Cruse clutched the wildcard spot, and Gomez and Rowan Grace were sent home.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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