The Voice 2020 Spoilers on the Top 40 Contestants

John Legend The Voice

NBC John Legend and the rest of 'The Voice' coaches will return to your TV screen on October 19.

Every time there’s a new season of The Voicefans are introduced to a new group of talented contestants from across all different genres. Ultimately, only one person will walk away as the winner, but for now, there are dozens of blind auditions to watch.

Returning to the red chairs this season are coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. They’ll be joined on the stage by host Carson Daly and plenty of contestants.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you don’t want to know which contestants make it through the Blind Audition round on Season 19 of The Voice. 

For season 19, spoilers have already been released for which contestants make it to the top 40 thanks to MJs Big Blog and Idol Forums. Read on to learn which contestants make it through to the top 40 and what teams they’ve chosen.

Team Blake Top 10

Team Blake generally focuses on country music, but not all of the songs sung by his top 10 have been released, so there’s no way to be sure what the makeup of the team will be at this point.

Here are the Top 10 contestants on Team Blake:

  • Taryn Papa
  • Ben Allen
  • Sam Stacy
  • Ian Flanigan
  • John Sullivan
  • Payton Lamar
  • JusJon
  • Jim Ranger
  • Aaron Scott
  • Worth the Wait

Team Kelly Top 10

Kelly Clarkson gravitates toward singers who she believes could have a lot of range in what kind of music they perform, so that will likely show in her ten choices.

Here are the contestants who make up Team Kelly:

  • Marisa Corvo
  • Skylar Mayton
  • DeSz
  • Eli Zamora
  • Madeline Consoer
  • Joseph Soul
  • Kelsie Watts
  • Ryan Gallagher
  • Tanner Gomes
  • Emmalee

Spoilers have shown that Kelsie Watts will actually sing a Kelly Clarkson song while auditioning, which likely caught the superstar’s attention.

Team Legend Top 10

John Legend is looking forward to trying to dethrone Blake Shelton once again as the winner of The Voice. Here are the ten contestants he’s chosen to hopefully make that happen:

  • Sid Kingsley
  • Tamara Jade
  • Rio Souma
  • John Holiday
  • Olivia Reyes
  • Cami Clune
  • Julia Cooper
  • Bailey Rae
  • Casme
  • James Pyle

At least one of these contestants will appear in the season premiere, so be sure to tune in to see John Legend start building his The Voice team.

Team Gwen Top 10

Gwen Stefani is coming back from a hiatus with The Voice, and she’s aiming to win the show once again.

Here are the contestants she’s hoping to help her take home the win this year:

  • Liam St. John
  • Lauren Frihauf
  • Payge Turner
  • Tori Miller
  • Chloe Hogan
  • Van Andrew
  • Larriah Jackson
  • Ryan Berg
  • Lain Roy
  • Carter Rubin

These contestants all made it through the Blind Audition rounds, but the number will be cut down to 20 by the time the Battle Rounds finish up in just a couple of months. Live shows will likely start sometime in December, and the season finale will likely happen sometime in January 2021.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m./7 p.m. central on NBC.

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