How ‘The Voice’ Star Gets Continuously Pranked by Blake Shelton

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It should come as no shock to anyone that Blake Shelton is one of the biggest troublemakers on-set of The Voice.

In a recent interview with Today, Kelly Clarkson shared of Blake’s pranking tricks, “[Blake] does this thing where I think it looks like pee in (host Carson Daly’s) cup or something like in his bathroom. … I don’t know what juice it is, apple juice obviously or something like that, but Carson told me — he was like, ‘It took me forever. I just kept coming in my bathroom, and there would be a giant glass just right on my toilet, and it looked like pee.'”

She added, “I was like, ‘You’re such a boy, such a man-child.'”

Shelton Has Been on the Show Since It Premiered in April 2011

Shelton has been on The Voice since its premiere in 2011.

Now, he’s getting married to one of his former co-judges, Gwen Stefani. In a recent interview with People, the prankster said of The Voice, “To be honest, I didn’t think the show was gonna last. In fact one of the first conversations I ever had with Adam was, ‘Man, how stupid is this?'”

Shelton added that he first met Gwen when she was announced as a new coach in 2014. “I remember enjoying her performance, and then after the show, we all took a group picture. It was very much an industry-type meeting, and I told people, ‘I met Gwen Stefani. That’s crazy.'”

When they both started coaching together, Stefani was married to Gavin Rossdale and Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert.

Shelton said, “She had just had a baby [Apollo, with Rossdale], so there wasn’t even much of a friendship that first season… The thing I remember saying about her when people would ask was, ‘Oh my God, that girl is unbelievable. She drives a minivan to work!’ I thought rock stars drove Rolls-Royces, and Gwen was driving a black minivan.”

They ‘Leaned’ on Each Other During Their Respective Divorces

In the words of People, Blake and Gwen’s relationship turned romantic one year after meeting, “while they leaned on each other during their respective divorces.”

After dating for five years, Shelton proposed to Gwen at his ranch in Oklahoma.
Shelton shared with People, “People still can’t understand how this possibly happened,” Shelton says. “Like, ‘How can she possibly want to be with this guy? It has to have been like a mix up, right?'”

Miley Cyrus has even offered to perform at the wedding. Shelton joked about Miley to People, “Miley is one of the most talented singers I have ever met. She drives me crazy because she’s a lot like Kelly [Clarkson] in the way that they can burst out with this voice. If I’m going to sing, I have to think about it and go warm up. It’s unfair.”

He added of the couple’s wedding singer, “I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I still say Adam owes me a full-band performance with Maroon 5, mostly because I want it to cost him. I would rather have Miley as a human being.”

The Voice premieres tonight, March 1, on NBC at 8pm ET/PT.

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