Todd Tilghman, 2020 ‘The Voice’ Winner: Where Is He Now?

Todd Tilghman The Voice


Todd Tilghman won The Voice for Blake Shelton’s team in early 2020. The pastor, father, and country music singer has been releasing music and working on new projects since winning the competition.

Tilghman recently took to Instagram, where he has nearly 40,000 followers at the time of writing, to thank The Voice for his time on the show.

“This premiered on NBC one year ago today and changed my entire life,” Tilghman wrote. “I am forever grateful to everyone who has been part of this unbelievable journey. THE BEST IS YET TO COME! #thevoice #fourchairs #grateful.”

Tilghman Wanted to Change His Life Ahead of ‘The Voice’

In an interview with Deseret News, Tilghman said that he knew his life was changing in 2020.

“I spent the last five, maybe 10 years sort of living off the fumes of the last great leap of faith,” he told the outlet. “If you want to see something different, you gotta be different. I felt like it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is and just take another leap of faith.”

His wife was the one who told him to audition for the show, the outlet reported. He wasn’t sure at the time if he was going to win, and he told his wife following the audition that he didn’t think he could win the show.

Tilghman Had a Residency in Tennessee

Following his win of The Voice, Tilghman had a residency at a theater. He sang at the theater in Pigeon Ford, Tennessee, and then the COVID-19 pandemic changed things up once again.

In order to make things work in music, Tilghman had to make some changes.

“Ultimately, I’m walking away from the means by which I have supplied for my family … without any 100% certainty this will for sure turn out and work,” he told Deseret News. “If I had my wishes, a handful of more things would be solidified by now. But you know, that’s just not how life works.”

The Winner Released New Music

Though the music didn’t come out right after The Voice, Tilghman did release some new music following his win on the show. He told Deseret News that the reason it took longer may have been due to his contract following The Voice. 

“When you’re working independently, the wheels can move faster, but it’s more expensive,” he said at the time. “But music is for sure coming. What I’m trying to do is just really be very intentionally grateful for every moment and everything that’s coming. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not so much.”

He also said that he wanted to move on from The Voice while still being thankful for it and always remember what it did for him.

“But I mean, I’m not gonna spend my entire life relishing in the glory days of The Voice,” he told the outlet. “I’m gonna move into what it’s to be.”

Tilghman has an upcoming show at the Temple Theater on April 8, 2021.

He also released new music in the form of a song titled “Jesus and You” in late March 2021.

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