Darcey Silva’s Breakdown After Dumping Fiancé Ignites Debate

Darcey Silva

TLC "90 Day Fiance" star Darcey Silva broke down after she decided to leave her fiance, Georgi Rusev.

“90 Day Fiance” star Darcey Silva broke down after she decided to leave her fiancé, Georgi Rusev. The group — which includes sister Stacey Silva and her fiance, Florian Sukaj — went to D.C. to meet some of Rusev’s friends but the rendevous went wary. Darcey Silva ultimately decided to go back to Connecticut without her fiance.

While in D.C., Darcey Silva met with Rusev’s ex-wife, Octavia. She told the TLC reality star that she’s only seen him date young Black women, and claimed that she once caught Rusev on a “sugar mama” website. When Darcey Silva confronted Rusev about Octavia’s allegations, he made it seem like he didn’t know what it meant to be a “sugar mama.”

Fans Said They Were ‘Done Sympathizing’ With Darcey Silva

Viewers of “90 Day Fiance” and Darcey Silva’s spinoff on TLC have watched her go through several tumultuous relationships. After her most recent fight with Rusev, some people were finishing feeling bad for the Connecticut resident.

“Are we done sympathizing with her? If she wants a ‘real man’, maybe stop going after broke ass European ‘modelesque’ boytoys,” one poster wrote on Reddit.

The post garnered more than 1,300 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

“I find both twins very sad and hard to watch this season,” one of the top comments read. “Their Neanderthal cash-grabbing humps turn my stomach as well.”

“It’s f***ing weird to pester a guy for a ring ASAP and then complain that you don’t know who he really is once you have it. Like….no shit,” another said.

Some fans suspected Darcey Silva wasn’t interested in finding a stable relationship. “Don’t think it’s about love or wanting a real man anymore. It’s in her interest to have these car crashes,” they wrote. “It keeps her on TLC and also keeps her spin-off going.”

Darcey Silva Said She Didn’t Want to Chase a Man

On the August 16 episode of “Darcey & Stacey,” the 46-year-old twin said she was “walking away” from Rusev because she didn’t think he was being honest with her about his past.

“I’m not chasing a man,” she said on the episode. “I want my fiancé to come to me. I want to feel love, I want to feel embraced. I want to feel all the feelings that you get to feel from me.”

“I want to give you love, but sometimes you’re kinda pushing me away with your insecurities, your questioning and your trust issues,” Rusev told the TLC star. “I never do something to make you feel that you cannot trust me.”

In an interview with TLC cameras, Darcey Silva said that Rusev makes her feel like she’s always wrong.

“I love you … but I feel like I need to honor who I am as a woman and I don’t feel like at times I’m feeling your commitment, openly or honestly and emotionally,” the mother-of-two told Rusev. “Until I do feel those things from you, I don’t want you to come back to Connecticut.”

On the way home, Stacey cried in the backseat and talked about wanting to find real love and not being in pain anymore.

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