Fans Think Hannah Gosselin Looks Like Mom, Kate, in New Pic

Jon Gosselin/Instagram Hannah Gosselin is all grown up.

Hannah Gosselin is all grown up! The former star of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” has been living with her dad, Jon Gosselin, in Pennsylvania and she seems to be thriving in every which way possible. Hannah and her brother, Collin Gosselin, have been in Jon’s custody since 2018, according to Hollywood Life.

Over the past couple of years, Jon has given two of his kids privacy and has afforded them a life completely out of the spotlight. However, he has been known to share an occasional photo of Hannah and Collin on his Instagram account.

In recent months, Hannah has made several more social media appearances on Jon’s account than her brother, leaving many fans concerned about how Collin is doing. However, it seems that Collin simply doesn’t want to have his picture taken and/or shared publicly. Despite the curiosity from fans on Collin’s whereabouts and his well-being, Jon has kept things positive and has ignored the never-ending questions.

On December 7, 2021, Jon shared a new pic of himself with Hannah — and fans simply couldn’t get over how much she looks like her mom.

Fans Think That Hannah Looks Like Kate Gosselin in Latest Snap

Although Hannah doesn’t have a relationship with her mother, as far as the public knows, the resemblance between the two is fairly obvious. As Hannah gets older, she is looking more like her mom, Kate Gosselin.

After Jon shared a new pic to his Instagram account, fans couldn’t help but comment on the similarities between Hannah and her mom, especially when it comes to Hannah’s smile.

“Wow she looks just like her momma in this pic,” one Instagram user commented on the pic.

“She looks just like her momma,” added another.

“She looks so much like her mom in this picture. Beautiful girl,” a third Instagram user wrote.

“She looks like her mother,” echoed a fourth.

Hannah Has a Nose Ring & a Diamond Tooth

As Hannah has grown up, Jon has afforded her a freedom of expression. Not only does Hannah have a nose ring, but Jon also took her to a dental specialist to have a small diamond put on one of her teeth.

“Hannah’s a free spirit. I hope her opening up will allow the others to open as well so maybe the others will start speaking their mind more freely, knowing they have a voice then. A mentorship almost. Hannah’s doing it, maybe we’ll do it too,” Jon told Hollywood Life in November 2021.

It’s hard to believe that Hannah and the other five sextuplets are 17-years-old. Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah all live with their mom in North Carolina, according to The Sun. Meanwhile, twins Mady and Cara are in college, both in New York, albeit at different schools. InTouch Weekly reports that Mady is enrolled at Syracuse University, while Cara is studying at Fordham.

While all of the Gosselin kids are old enough to have their own social media accounts, Mady is really the only one who is super active online. She has a public Instagram account and a public TikTok, which she updates regularly. Interestingly, Kate follows Mady on Instagram. Jon does not.

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