Family Insider Says Another Sister Wife Quietly Left Kody Brown

Kody Brown

TLC/Discovery The Brown family looks different than it used to.

“Sister Wives” star Kody Brown might have another divorce on his hands if a family insider is speaking the truth. Christine Brown — Kody’s third wife  — revealed in November 2021 she was divorcing her husband of 25 years. Now, a second sister wife might have quietly followed Christine’s footsteps.

According to Christine’s aunt — Kristyn Decker — Janelle Brown left the patriarch “a long time ago,” Decker told In Touch Weekly in a November 23 interview.

“As far as any relationship, any marriage goes, I think [Janelle’s] similar to, in Meri [Brown]’s situation where she’s just staying in a marriage that’s not really a marriage,” Decker said. “I don’t think they’ve had a marriage for a long, long, long time.”

Decker Said Kody & Janelle Have a ‘Platonic’ Relationship

Decker said Kody admitted to using the word “platonic” and confessed he and Janelle are only “married in name.”

“Married in.. you’re one of the wives but that doesn’t mean we have any husband-wife relationship,” Decker told In Touch Weekly. “And yeah you might be the leader of the family, and you might still be in charge of all the money, but we’re not married.”

“That’s my feeling from everything I’ve seen, watched and heard her say over the years,” Decker told In Touch Weekly about Janelle. “It’s pretty obvious that they haven’t really been together in a very long time. At least, ‘married’ wise.”

Decker is the author of “Fifty Years in Polygamy” and founded Sound Choices Coalition, an organization aimed at helping victims of religious abuse.

Janelle Accused Kody of ‘Using’ Her For Money

In the November 27 episode of “Sister Wives,” Janelle claimed her husband cared more about his assets than his wives.

“All Kody talked about was how much he was sad that he was losing this house that Christine had. He loved it,” Janelle said in a confessional to TLC cameras. “He didn’t want to lose it. So it sort of felt like he was using me and my buying power to save this house that he loves.”

Kody was frustrated that Janelle didn’t want to buy Christine’s old home after she left the family and he’s made it clear that he doesn’t like living in the RV on Coyote Pass with her.

“If she can’t work with me to solve the problems, then she gets to solve the problems on her own,” Kody told TLC cameras in a confessional of his own. “And the way she’s going about it with buying the RV, with moving out there, with this whole charade, it’s not working.”

Janelle Celebrated Thanksgiving Without Kody

Fueling rumors of a split, Janelle didn’t spend the November holiday with her husband.

She posted a picture of her “Thanksgiving crowd” and Kody was noticeably missing from the photo.

“Grateful for family and friends. Thanks @_michellepetty and @logantbro for hosting!” Janelle captioned the image.

Christine also celebrated the holiday without her ex-husband. She shared a picture of her daughter Mykelti’s twins, Archer and Ace Padron.

“So obsessed with these new grandsons!! What a blessing. And, hey, we should talk about how INCREDIBLE Mykelti’s recovery is going!” she wrote via Instagram. “The nurses were BLOWN AWAY by how well she did! She’s just amazing!”

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