Christine Brown Shares Thrilling News With ‘Sister Wives’ Fans

Christine Brown

YouTube "Sister Wives" star Christine Brown talks about her decisions.

Christine Brown of TLC’s “Sister Wives” recently shared some updates with fans that generated quite a bit of excitement. The season 17 episodes currently airing on the network filmed many months ago, and the focus has been on the split between family patriarch Kody Brown and his third wife, Christine. In reality, Christine moved away from the “Sister Wives” group in Flagstaff, Arizona, back to Utah quite a while ago, and some fans worried she might not be incorporated into future episodes. Now, thanks to Christine’s recent updates, fans know a little more about what to expect.

Here’s what you need to know:

Christine Brown Is Now Filming in Utah

In an Instagram post shared by Christine on November 15, fans learned she had been filming footage for “Sister Wives” again. “I’m finally filming in my house in Salt Lake!! So excited,” Christine wrote. She added hashtags confirming she was filming for “Sister Wives,” and that this was a new beginning for her. Over the course of a couple of days, nearly 7,000 people commented on the post and more than 130,000 people “liked” the post.

“I was so hoping TLC would follow your life. I’m so happy for you Christine,” shared one fan. That fan’s comment received over 1,570 likes on its own.

“Please tell me it’s a new spin off called Sisterwives: New Beginning?? And that Janelle has left and will be filming with you??” teasingly asked another supporter.

“We are so excited for you and thanks for letting us be part of this new chapter for you,” added another fan, who included a hashtag of “Team Christine.”

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Definitely Want to See More of Christine

As “Sister Wives” fans have watched Christine’s separation from Kody play ou on-air, many have voiced their hopes that Janelle Brown might follow a similar path. So far, that does not appear to have happened. However, the two women remain close and seem to spend a fair amount of time together despite living a fair distance apart. The idea that Christine, or perhaps Christine and Janelle, could get a spinoff show of their own has been a popular suggestion among many “Sister Wives” fans. Apparently, Christine is not opposed to it!

In a chat with ET Online, Christine admitted, “Dude, I’m totally open. No idea what it looks like, but absolutely. That’d be fun as heck.” Fans have been having a lot of fun with the idea of a spinoff on Reddit, and people seemed thrilled to know Christine was filming for future “Sister Wives” episodes.

“SINGLE WIVES: FIRST WIVE’S CLUB,” suggested one person on Reddit.

“Sister Wives: Ex-Wives Club,” proposed another.

“There is NO GREATER revenge than living WELL!!!! You look amazing Miss Christine! Happiness looks fabulous on YOU!!!!!” gushed a “Sister Wives” Redditor.

“Sister Wives: Escaping Kody Episode one opens to a scene of Janelle sitting at her red picnic table, she pulls out her phone to make a call. A familiar voice answers. Janelle lets out a long sigh. ‘Christine, I’m ready….'” another creative fan suggested.

While “Sister Wives” fans will likely have to wait a while to see Christine’s footage from Utah, and a spinoff is seemingly only in the potential idea stage, viewers seem thrilled with the information that has emerged so far about her continued involvement with the TLC series.