Mady Gosselin Claps Back After Being Accused of Posting a ‘Sexualizing’ Photo

Getty Images Mady Gosselin.

Mady Gosselin made her return to Instagram after taking about a month off from the platform. Now a 20-year-old college student, Gosselin doesn’t post too much about her life on social media, but, when she does, it gets people talking — and this time appears to be no different.

On August 1, 2021, Gosselin posted two pictures of herself wearing a green and white dress. In the first shot, Gosselin looks like she is lying on a bed, peering at the camera. “Your back beneath the sun,” reads the caption of the post.

For the second snap, Gosselin’s body was photographed just beneath her shoulders, as she held a book in her hand, and wore a bracelet and a thumb ring. While the photo appears innocent, it didn’t take long for someone to make a comment suggesting that it was “sexualizing,” and appearing to judge Gosselin for posting it. Gosselin apparently reads the comments on her posts because she fired back!

Here’s what you need to know:

Gosselin Responded to a Comment That Suggested Her Photos Were ‘Sexualizing’

Much of the comments section on Gosselin’s recent Instagram post are positive, with many people posting heart eye emoji and fire emoji, letting Gosselin know that she looks pretty in the pics.

“Your dress is so pretty,” one Instagram user commented.

“Mady!!! this is so pretty!!!!” added another.

“You’ve grown up to be a beautiful young lady,” a third person wrote.

“Such a beautiful picture of you,” a fourth echoed.

However, there was one comment in particular that got a response from Gosselin.

“Slide 2 is a great way to get creepy people in your [direct messages] they wont be thinking about you reading the book they will be sexualizing it because people are disgusting,” wrote one social media user.

“Like exactly what you’re doing with this comment? Everything women do is sexualized, so I’m going to do/post whatever i want. I appreciate you looking out for me though,” Gosselin responded.

Gosselin’s Instagram Feed Is Fairly Tame Overall & She’s Active on TikTok


maybe a little TOO interesting…

♬ enough for you – Olivia Rodrigo

Gosselin lives a relatively private life despite spending years of her childhood with TLC cameras around. Her Instagram account is public, but she seems to pick and choose what she wants to share, and, based on the frequency of her posting, she is extremely selective. Most all of her posts on Instagram are tame, and none would really make headlines for any reason.

For example, Gosselin’s last Instagram post uploaded on July 4, 2021, was of a bookstore.

While it’s not clear why Gosselin isn’t big into Instagram — she does post more on TikTok. On July 19, 2021, Gosselin took to the platform to take a bit of a dig at her childhood, calling it “unconventional.”

“How I sleep knowing that I can’t relate to this lyric because I had an extremely unconventional childhood AND I have ADHD,” she wrote on top of the post, which showed her lying in bed with her eyes closed. The accompanying song, “Enough for You” by Olivia Rodrigo, was set to play a specific lyric: “And maybe I’m just not as interesting / As the girls you had before.”

“Maybe a little TOO interesting,” Gosselin captioned the video.

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