‘Sister Wives’ Fans Go Wild Over ‘The Knife in the Kidneys’ Preview

Christine Brown and Kody Brown

YouTube Christine Brown and Kody Brown film "Sister Wives."

The November 13 episode of TLC’s “Sister Wives” is going to be an intense one according to the spoilers currently available. The title of the episode is “The Knife in the Kidneys,” and the initial sneak peek shown to viewers at the end of the November 6 show generated a massive reaction among fans. It appears the action picks up right where Sunday night’s episode left off, with the adults gathered together to learn Christine Brown’s house already sold. She announced she would be leaving in a week, and soon after that, Kody Brown exploded.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kody Brown Doesn’t Mince Words

TLC’s description of the next “Sister Wives” episode teases, “Christine’s big announcement that she’s leaving in a week causes chaos as Robyn questions her future relationship with her former sister wife and Kody explodes.” The synopsis continues by noting everybody will “try to pick up the pieces,” while Janelle Brown’s RV situation gets even more complicated. The spoiler-filled preview, which was shared on Reddit, sets the stage for an intense outburst by Kody. Some snippets of this explosive moment were included in earlier previews, but without the context of what caused the outburst. Now, “Sister Wives” viewers can get a solid sense of how this plays out.

As the “Sister Wives” sneak peek begins, Meri is heard saying she has seen Christine’s “non-acceptance of Robyn and disdain for me for years.” Kody is then seen saying Christine treated Robyn like “dirt” from “the very beginning.” He adds, “THAT’S the reason I’m p*ssed off.” A few seconds later in the sneak peek, Kody is seen standing and motioning as he says, “MAN, just a knife in the kidneys over all these years. Sacrifices that I’ve made to LOVE you. WASTED!” he yells toward Christine. Kody then walks away, toward his truck, and the sneak peek shifts to Meri in a confessional admitting, “I’m glad he said it.” The clip ends with Robyn and Meri following Kody while Janelle gives Christine a hug.

“The hug at the end! Wow! Amazing. Janelle is a queen! I love her!!” exclaimed one Redditor in response to the preview.

“They’re all bullying her for leaving, and after seeing their behaviour, I’m glad she’s leaving,” added another “Sister Wives” fan.

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Have Intense Feelings About Kody Brown’s Outburst

Multiple threads of commentary emerged on Reddit after the “Sister Wives” preview aired. The opinions shared by show fans were overwhelmingly supportive of Christine, and Janelle, while exceedingly critical of Kody, Robyn, and Meri.

“His children will see this and see how he’s treating Christine,” pointed out one viewer.

“The sacrifices he made to love her? Does he really think he looks good behaving like this? Man’s unwell, he’s sinking into himself, shriveling up like a raisin,” suggested another Redditor.

“Kodys unhinged tantrum just confirms the reasons to leave. I hope Janelle is next,” added someone else.

“It was an attempt at a Shakespearean level performance. It ended up being ridiculous and hilarious and pointless. And Meri…she needs a shirt saying ‘I’m a pick me bitch.’” declared a different Redditor.