‘Bachelor’ Lead Reveals the Unusual Food Combo He Eats

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Getty Mustard.

Zach Shallcross, the lead of “The Bachelor,” has revealed an unusual food preference.

The show revealed during the week of March 13, 2023, that Shallcross likes to eat mustard with his pancakes.

It turns out that he’s actually eaten the odd food combination before and discussed it during an interview. As the revelation came during the hometown dates week, stop reading if you don’t want to get any spoilers for the episode.

Here’s what you need to know:

Zach Shallcross Revealed the Odd Food Combination When Dining With Gabi Elnicki During a Hometown Date

Zach Shallcross

ABC/Craig SjodinZach Shallcross during a cocktail party on “The Bachelor.”

In an end credits scene, Shallcross told contestant Gabi Elnicki that he eats pancakes with mustard. She then told him that she has never tasted mustard or ranch dressing, which seemed to surprise him.

The revelation came during a hometown date. In the end, Elnicki was one of the three women who made it through to the next round, so her lack of interest in mustard doesn’t appear to have hurt her chances.

There are a few recipes online that include mustard in pancakes, but they’re often suggesting that it be added into the pancake mix, not smeared on the top of them. For example, this recipe from Boss Kitchen calls for adding some mustard to the pancakes.

Reader’s Digest Canada has also published a recipe that includes adding some wholegrain mustard to the pancake batter.

A Pinterest user shared a photo of mustard on Pancakes back in 2015, writing with the picture, “Pancakes with Mustard on them. What a great way to wake up your taste buds in the Morning !!!”

Zach Shallcross Told Jennifer Hudson That the Mustard & Pancakes Combination Came From His Grandmother

Shallcross first revealed the mustard with pancake combination to Jennifer Hudson in 2022 on her show, “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

“What’s a weird food combination that you like?” Hudson asked Shallcross.

“Okay, so, I have a really weird food combo and I heard you do, as well,” Shallcross said.

When she asked him what “he’s got,” Shallcross told her, “I grew up—from my grandma, teaching us—to do, uh, mustard on pancakes.” He added, “Here me out. It’s very odd. But everybody who has every tried it says it kind of makes sense.”

Hudson declared that she found the tasting combination odd, but Shallcross told her that he likes the combination of sweet with savory.

“It’s like a weird thing where it’s sweet and savory on a pancake,” he said.

“So you have the syrup and the mustard on the pancake,” Hudson asked.

“I don’t do it like daily or anything,” Shallcross told her. “But I have done it quite a few times as a kid, yeah.”

Hudson said she likes pancakes and mustard but not necessarily together. She said she would try it because she likes mustard “on everything.” Hudson said she puts mustard on chicken.

During the interview, she also asked him his nickname and whether he could sing. He said it was “Roo,” and that he can’t sing.

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