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21 Best Peacoats for Men: The Ultimate List

Peacoats were made famous by the British Navy in the 1970s because of their warmth and durability. Now you can find a pea coat for any occasion. They come in tons of colors and sizes and styles. Here are the best pea coats for men to keep you warm and have you looking cool. Perfect for formal or casual wear and fashionable for three seasons no matter where you live.

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Materials to Look For:

Traditionally the Pea Coat has been made of wool, and to this day, wool is the predominant fabric used for these stylish and utilitarian coats. You can also find these coats with a blend of fabrics and really it all depends on what you are most comfortable wearing. I prefer the wool coat, they can be made thin enough to wear in the fall and early spring, but also can be made thick enough to tough the harsh winters in the Northeast. Wool is a durable fabric and easy to clean so that should definitely factor into your choice for a new coat. The great thing about these coats is that if you treat them well, they can last you for a while. I personally have a couple and this gives me the freedom to wear one no matter the weather. 

Pro Tips: 

If you are going to get yourself a nice formal Pea Coat in black or dark grey, try to find one with a hoodie built-in. This will provide you a little extra protection from the elements and personally, I think hoodies make everything a little cooler, pun intended. If you find yourself falling in love with one of these coats and it doesn't have a hoodie built-in, no worries, you can always wear a hoodie underneath as long as it doesn't clash with the coat itself. You want the hoodie to look like it is part of the ensemble, not something that you just threw together last minute. Pea Coats are super fashionable and should be treated like the center of your outfit, everything else you wear is in relation to the coat itself.

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