21 Cool Hoodies For Men: The Ultimate List

The weather is going to get chillier pretty soon. We won’t leave you out in the cold, though. There are a bunch of great choices for men’s hoodies out there. Below, you’ll find cool hoodies for men of all ages, sizes and styles.

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Materials to Look For When Buying a Hoodie

Cotton, Polyester, Cotton & Polyester Blends, and Neoprene. You want something that you can wear to almost any event while not having to worry about separating colors and whites in the washing machine. The whole point of the hoodie is to grab it, throw it on and make your move. You want style but also functionality too. And why can't you have both?  You can, and I'll teach you how to do it!

Protip: Typically what you wear on your torso is going to be the main event with regards to your outfit. The hoodie makes this decision a lot easier. It used to be that you couldn't wear hoodies for anything other than a gym session or basketball practice. Nowadays you can rock a slick hoodie to almost any event. Depending on how thorough your collection and how strong an eye you have for a dope hoodie, you can have every event covered. The best way to keep all of your hoodies looking fresher longer, buy more hoodies and get yourself a trustworthy rotation. You'll thank me later!


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