35 Best Christmas Hoodies for Men: The Ultimate List

Tis almost the season, and what would the holiday season be without some cool Christmas hoodies? As the weather gets colder you’ll need something stylish to keep warm in. Check out this list of the best Christmas hoodies according to Heavy.

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Materials to Consider:

Really, with the right hoodie design and color combinations, anything goes with regards to materials. The hoodies that will last you the longest will be made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. Those are also going to be the more comfortable hoodies because they stretch a bit. Wool can make for a nice and warm hoodie, same goes for fleece. When it comes to Christmas hoodies it is more about what the hoodie looks like than what fabric it is made of. So for this list, designs and colors are of the utmost importance.

Pro Tips:

Hoodies are mostly casual. So wear what you are comfortable with on the bottom. Jeans and hoodies were pretty much made for one another, but you can also match with sweatpants if you aren't going out on the town or to work. A zip-up hoodie will have more functionality and go better under a jacket, but that doesn't mean that pullover hoodies are a bad thing, they just take a bit more work and finesse getting in and out of them. The way a zip-up and jacket work together is something that every man should at least try. You've got the freedom to take both off at the same time if you find yourself going from cold to warm pretty quickly. The biggest pro tip for Xmas hoodies; have fun! These hoodies are not meant to be taken too seriously. Enjoy yourself, let yourself be a kid again in some of these hoodies. And if you are into it, you can always get matching or complimentary hoodies for you and your significant other.

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