16 Best Flannel Shirts for Men: The Ultimate List

The plaid on a flannel shirt is one of the signature looks of autumn or fall. With the leaves changing colors it makes perfect sense that reds, yellows, and oranges would be the colors of the season. Here are some of the best flannel shirts for men that are available right now.

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Flannel Shirts for Men

Flannel shirts have been around for years and there is a good reason as to why. They are good looking, warm and super comfortable. The color patterns and schemes can really add another dimension to your existing wardrobe. Buying yourself a couple of flannels is a good move for any guy and any style.

This light-colored flannel will go with anything from jeans to khakis and you can even roll the sleeves up to wear it with cargo shorts, weather permitting. Try out some different styles with this gorgeous and completely masculine offering.

Looking for something with a vintage flair? This is the flannel for you. The Buffalo Indigo color is different from other flannels that you'll find and will go perfectly with your best pair of jeans and a great pair of boots. Make sure you've got a matching belt and a big belt buckle won't hurt either. 

If you are interested in a more classic look then this rancher style shirt will definitely fill that void. You can get this shirt in a few different sizes so there should be something for every guy out there. This will look great with jeans and khakis alike. 

This Glacier colored shirt is a different look in the classic flannel style. Most flannels can be a little dark or red but this is a bright and vibrant style of the classic flannel. This will look extremely good with a light or dark pair of jeans. 

Colors and Patterns:

The great thing about flannel shirts is that anything goes. Some flannels will have a checkered look and others are plaid, some don't even have a specific pattern but they look cool as hell. The best thing you can do is pick colors that compliment you like if you have blue eyes and fair skin, get some flannels that are heavy on the blue and white so that it goes with your complexion. Patterns are all up to you. The simpler the pattern the more formal the event you can wear the shirt to. 

Pro Tips:

Flannels go with everything and can be worn anywhere. They aren't just for climbers and loggers anymore. You can still wear them while doing your outdoorsy things but you can also wear these shirts to weddings and around the office depending on how loose the casual Friday requirements are. Khakis go great with a flannel even though most folks seem to steer towards jeans with a flannel shirt. Wear what feels right and what looks good when you look in the mirror. 

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