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11 Best Satin Shirts for Men

Satin is one of those fabrics that just feels good on your skin. It is light and airy and looks just as good as it feels. You can dress it up with a blazer or keep it casual with jeans and sneakers. These are the best satin shirts for men from the Heavy crew that will keep you looking sharp all year long. Enjoy the silky smooth comfort of a satin shirt.

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The first thing you should think about when you hear the word Satin is the feel. The silky smooth feel of satin is one of the most popular features of the fabric. Satin is really cotton made to be slick on one side and dull on the back. Original satin was first made in the Middle Ages from silk but proved to be too costly to continue purchasing silk satin so cotton was eventually substituted as it is less expensive and easy to grow and produce. With the demand for satin reaching all-time highs the cotton-based fabric became the go-to for this silky feeling material. Cotton-based satin is also exponentially easier to maintain as most items are machine washable and don't require the assistance of a dry cleaner to keep looking fresh and new. 

Pro Tips:

When wearing satin try and treat it like your typical cotton fabric. If you are purchasing a long sleeve satin shirt with a traditional collar and cuff and button design then tucking the shirt in is imperative if you are wearing a suit, pairing it with slacks or khakis then tucking is a must. If you are rocking jeans and sneakers with the shirt then by all means untuck and unbutton a few buttons. There are a few rules with satin-like there are with most items or articles of clothing. 

Blending colors is a great move and will go far but wearing colors that contrast with each other can work if you do it the right way. If you plan on getting a short-sleeved shirt then throw the previous rules out the window and start over. 

What it all comes down to is how you feel when you look in the mirror rocking your new shirt. If at first glance something doesn't feel right then try something else. The great thing about these shirts is that they can be worn by anyone.

What's the Best Way to Wear Men's Dress Shirts?

Everyone has a different style and with that different style, they also have a different set of rules. Most guys have trouble finding a perfect match for their tie or have trouble picking out a tie for their shirt. Luckily, there are shirt and tie sets that take the guesswork out of dressing up. 

If you are wearing the dress shirt as part of a casual look then there are some things you want to remember. Untucked is always better than tucked. the bright-colored shirt means dark-colored pants. Unbutton the top button at least.

Patterns can be your best friend. Checkered patterns and plaids are timeless and really speak for themselves. Floral prints are beginning their upward trend and they don't look like they are stopping anytime soon. Try new things when it comes to patterns, you might just find a new look that you never thought you could wear.

Is a Men's Satin Shirt the Same as a Men's Silk Shirt?

Silk and Satin are two completely different materials with similar feels. As stated above, satin used to be made of silk, but higher demand proved that silk-made satin was just too costly at the time so different techniques and fabrics were used to create the silk-like material.

Cotton-made satin is super popular not just because of its cost-effectiveness but also because it is easier to maintain than silk-made satin. Most of the cotton satin shirts are machine wash friendly and just as sharp.

While you will find that solid colors have higher availability than most patterns there are still some pretty cool plaids and stripes out there that have the same feel as the solid color shirts. Patterns are a great way to stand out in a crowd without drawing unwanted attention.

Floral prints and wild designs are on an upward trend and should not be ignored. They are louder and brighter than plain satin shirts and if paired correctly can really add another dimension to your wardrobe. An untucked shirt with a wild design paired with jeans and boots is a great look and should have you leaving the house with a ton of confidence in the fact that you look great. And if you look great you ultimately feel great as well.